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Usage of multiple accounts

A great step forward, the usage of multiple accounts with Msecure.
Without reinstalling the application.

Just with a log-off / log-on function

Hi Marcel,

Thank you for posting this feature request. Using multiple accounts is something we have on our radar, but we are asking customers to give us details about why they need access to this type of feature. Can you explain your workflow in some detail to outline how being able to sign out and sign back in to different accounts would be helpful?

We use it for our Company and many other companies want to use it also.

And now I will it also use it personal.

Our engineers should be able to switch from account when they need information from a customer.

Multiple users account login is upgoing sales option for Msecure.

Thank you for the extra information Marcel. I'm wondering if cross-account sharing would take care of the what you need? In mSecure 6, we're adding cross-account sharing to the app, which means you can have multiple accounts, and just share portions of the data stored in each account with other mSecure users. For example, you might have 30 online accounts that are shred through an entire company, and then 10 accounts you only want to share between the team of engineers. In v6, you'll be able to set up "Company" and "Engineers" vaults, and then add the 30 records to the "Company" vault and the 10 records to the "Engineers" vault. The engineers would then see all 40 records, but the administrative employee would only see the 30, because they would only have access to the "Company" vault.

Is that the type of functionality you need, or would you still need to sign in to different accounts?

Yes, because I want in this case keep my personal passwords etc. just for me.
So that is only possible with multiple account.

The sharing feature is for sure a great addon in version 6.
But the need for multiple accounts is more to keep private and business accounts totaly separated.

For sure there are many users who can confirm this.

Thank you for all your input Marcel. I have added your feedback to the feature request.

Sharing my account with my spouse

Hi Samuel,

If you are wanting to share your account with your spouse, you should have no problems doing so by simply signing in to the same account on both you and your spouse's devices. Are you having problems getting mSecure signed in to the same account on both your devices?

I'd like to see a feature that allows multiple user accounts to share passwords together (as in create or change a shared password data which is then sync'd with other permitted users)).

I don't want to have to sign out/sign in to multiple accounts, I really want to be able to mark a password as shared and then identify the user(s) I am paired with who can also access this.


@Steve Cross-account sharing is coming in mSecure 6. We are in the the final stages of internal testing now, so the public beta is about ready to be closed, so the new version will be available to the public very soon. In the new version, you can link different accounts, like an account you, your spouse, and other family accounts, then you can create vaults that each account has access to with specific access rights like "read," "write," and "admin." After the accounts are linked, and data is placed in shared vaults, it will then be shared with the other mSecure users.

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