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Face ID not working

 My iPhone Face ID isn't working and neither is my mSecure password. Is it possible to log in using the QR code?

Hi Christopher,

Thank you for contacting us. When you say your iPhone Face ID isn't working, do you mean that it's not working at all, or is it just not working for mSecure? If it's just not working for mSecure, can you explain what is happening when you try to use Face ID to unlock the app? Is there a face icon on the lock screen that you can tap? If not, what happens when you force close mSecure and then open the app again? Do you see the Face ID message come up to have authenticate?

Also, there is no way to use the QR code for unlocking mSecure. The data stored in the QR code is encrypted with your mSecure password, so it has to be decrypted first before it can be useful.

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