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Sync of attachments


I used for many years 1Password. I would like to change and permanently use mSecure5. I have successfully migrated all my file from 1Pasword to mSecure. I did it on my MAC. So far so good. I have synchronised my data from Mac to iPad and PC. All data was synchronised to both iPad & PC. Unfortunately no one attachment was synchronised to iPad and PC. Why? All attachments are on my Mac but nothing on iPad & PC? Is that not supported. I have synchronised everything using WLAN.

Please advise

Hi Gediminas,

I was able to locate the ticket I you created via email, and I'm responding to your latest email now. We'll keep the correspondence in email from here on out so it's easier to keep track of all the important information related to the issue you're experiencing.

To Gediminas’ point, is attachment syncing not available? I’ve added an attachment to a record on my iPhone (and made a text update) and the only change reflected on my iPad, after syncing, was the text update I did. 

@Ed We don't have any known issues with the syncing of attachments, so what you are experiencing here is definitely out of the ordinary. Can you confirm for me that you are using Dropbox syncing in mSecure? You can check which sync feature you have set in the Sync Settings of the app. Also, what types of devices are you using?

Mike, thanks for the reply. I went back and checked and the pics actually did update on both devices. Oddly at the time of adding attachments on my iPhone, pulled down to force a synce, then jumped to the iPad, pulled down to force a sync there, too, nothing showed up. I had even made a text change just to see if the syncing was working at all, which the text came over yet still the pics did not. But now having checked, they have shown up on the iPad. I suspect all is good now.

Although, I’m waiting for the day when I can change a records Type…I know there has been posting on that. That is the only thing that has me considering moving on. Why we can’t change a type is frustrating. 

It's great to hear your attachments are syncing @Ed! One thing to mention, in case it isn't obvious, you should not have to perform a manual sync in order for attachments to sync with the rest of the changes you make. Should it seem like you have to perform a manual sync, please let me know, but it should all happen automatically when you open and unlock the app.

With regards to changing the template for a record, that is coming mSecure 6, which will be released very soon.

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