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Msecure 6

Any new information on mSecure 6 - release date, pricing, etc?

mSecure 6 will continue the same way as mSecure 5 when you are signing in to the same account. So if you and a spouse, or any other person for that matter, are signed in to the same account, mSecure will show as licensed. The only way groups of people will have to sign up for multiple accounts and pay for each subscription is if they are making use of cross-account sharing. So in your case @Thomas, if you and your wife are signed in to the same account with a paid mSecure 5 license, you will not have to pay for a subscription. Both you and your wife's devices will show as an "Essentials" account (we changed from "Gold"/"Platinum" to "Essentials"/"Premium").

@Paco As mentioned above, if you and your family members are signed in to the same account, then all your family members will have an Essentials license. A subscription will only be required if your family members each have a separate mSecure account.

In the future, we will be offering a Family Plan for mSecure "Premium," but that won't be for some time after release. With the Family Plan, you will have access to at around 6 seats for a monthly cost of $5.99 when paying monthly or $4.99 when paying yearly. That plan will only be available for the "Premium" tier.

@Thomas Since mSecure 6 is installed over the top of mSecure 5, the mSecure 5 database is upgraded when you install v6. I think you understand this, but I'm not totally sure, so forgive me if it sounds like stating the obvious. The only reason a second account was needed was because you needed to have your wife continue using mSecure 5 while you were beta testing v6. With regards to a beta version for iOS, that has been available from the beginning of the beta testing program. If you were to start using the beta version now, you would either need to have you and your wife use v6, or you would need to create a different account so she could continue using v5 without any upgrade messaging.

Hi Mine and thanks for answer. I must have been unclear, sorry for that. As I wrote when I was betatesting I have no problem whatsoever to pay a subscription fee, so I will certainly gopremium. Thecprices you mentioned then is also reasonable. Think you mentioned around 12 usd/ year. Then I have no further questions right now. Have cancelled 1PW, moved everything to mSecure and now crossing my fingers

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