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All my info is gone

I had to delete the app due to a phone issue. I was told if I deleted the app and then reinstalled, all I needed to do was sign in and all my info would be there. It’s not!!!! Please help. Is there a way to recover my dozens of user ids and passwords?

Hi Vanessa,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for the issue you are experiencing. If you were using mSecure Cloud syncing in mSecure 5, then your information would have been pulled down from the cloud when you signed back in to your account. However, many of our customers are still using the older version of mSecure, and in that case, your information needs to be backed up before you reinstall the app.

Do you know if you were using mSecure 5 before you reinstalled? After installing the app again, did you sign in to an existing account, or did you sign up for a new account? Do you know which email address you used when you signed in or signed up for an account?

I thought I was signing back in to my existing account. That is listed under my email address I was probably on the old version. So my phone automatically back up to the cloud. How can I retrieve my info.

Hi Vanessa,

Ok, this is making sense now, and I think you were using the older version of mSecure. I just checked our server to see if I could find an account using your "" email address, and I was not able to find one. This would indicate you don't have an mSecure account, which would make sense, because the old app did not have an account system, so your data was not tied to an email address.

You can try restoring from an iCloud backup of your phone, but odds are, a new iPhone backup was created since you reinstalled mSecure. If that is the case, the phone backup would not contain mSecure in the state it was in before you reinstalled it, if that makes sense. The easiest thing to do here would be to restore your data from a backup you made before the app was reinstalled. Did you by any chance make an email backup recently that you could restore from?

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