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migration of msecure 4.5 to 5.0

trying to migrate mscure 4.5 to 5.0

how do you figure out account name?

what are the requirements of the migration - do you need a specific version of IOS

where is a step by step example

Is there a Youtube video on it

PS - got a call from someone that had problems because latest IOS upgrade and he could not figure his account name  I am running into the same thing He told me a number of people called him about this issue

also how do you get to the free upgrade?

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Hi Dorothy,

Thank you for contacting us. If you have never used mSecure 5 in the past, then you don't have an account yet. mSecure 4 didn't have an account system, so unless an account is set up in the mSecure 5 app, one does not exist. Did you use mSecure 5 in the past by chance?

There are no requirements for the migration other than that mSecure 5 can install on your device. If you are able to download mSecure 5, you should not have any problems.

I will provide instructions as soon as I'm sure I understand you context, but the process is very simple. You will most like just need to download mSecure 5 from the App Store, Create a new account when asked to Sign In or Sign Up, choose which sync feature to use, and then the next screen will ask you if you would like to import your data from mSecure 4. You enter your mSecure password next, and the data is migrated.

At this time, there is no YouTube video for this process.

With regards to a free upgrade, mSecure 5 is actually a paid upgrade for mSecure 4. As an existing customer, you are able to get a significant discount on the cost, however. Are you interested in the discount?

Hi, I am having a similar issue. A recent IOS update rendered my old version of msecure unusable and IOS requires mSecure to update the old version. 

I've already downloaded mSecure5 and paid the $29.99 for the pro version, but I don't see an option to migrate from V4 to V5. Can you help? 

Hi Patrick,

I saw your other post but deleted it to keep all correspondence in this one thread. I believe all you will need to do here reset your mSecure 5 account first. In order for the migration to be triggered, your account needs to be in a fresh state. After resetting your account, deleting and installing mSecure 5, and then signing back in to it on the same device mSecure 4 is installed, the migration should be triggered as you go through the sign in process.

To reset your account, follow the steps in this support article:

IMPORTANT: Do not delete the old mSecure 4 app from your device. If that is done, the data stored in the app will be lost. Also, your mSecure 4 data is not connected to your mSecure 5 account in any way, so performing the account reset will have no effect on the data stored in the old app.

Hi, I just downloaded msecure5 from App Store as well and setup account and sync but it did not prompt me to migrate

I’m still on trial version of msecure5. Do I need to upgrade to paid version in order to be able to migrate? Pls advice

@Jocelyn I'm not sure exactly what's happening, but as long as the old mSecure app is v4.5.4, you installed mSecure 5 on the same iOS device that is showing the message the old app needs to be updated, you created the new account on that same device, and you know your password, the migration should work. Unfortunately, there isn't a lot I can do here, since I checked for an mSecure account with the email you use for this forum account, but I wasn't able to find it in our system. Are you ok with giving me the email address for your mSecure 5 account here in the forum? As long as you don't also write out your password and account key, there is no security risk in doing so.

The msecure account is

I was having problems with creating a login for the forum under that account so I used another email 

I don’t remember if my msecure was 4.5.4. Might be 4.+ something I don’t remember. Won’t I be able to migrate if it’s not 4.5.4? Any way I can get my data back?

@Jocelyn Ok, I was able to find your account, and it looks like you just created it yesterday. The only thing I can think of is that the version running on your device is older than 4.5.4, which would account for why the migration is not working. It would also not migrate if you set up the account on a different device than the one running mSecure 4, so let me know if that is the case here.

In order to fix this, we'll need to continue the process via email. Go ahead and email us at, and add "Attention Mike: No Migration in mSecure 5" as the subject line. After you send the email, respond here so I can see that I need to look for the email more quickly.

Hi Mike, I emailed you

@Jocelyn I just responded to your email.

Mike, I sent you screenshot of mSecure version

We'll continue the process via email from here on out.

Hi Mike,

I have just emailed you as I can't migrate my data from msecure 4 to msecure5.  I've tried all the suggestions.  I'm running msecure4 version 4.2.1 on an iphone10.

I'd appreciate it if you could give me instructions how to migrate from that version of msecure4 to msecure5.  I do have an email backup from a month or two ago that should have most of the data on it if that helps.


@Tim I just responded to you from our support desk. We'll continue the troubleshooting via email.

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