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needs to update

I downloaded the update version 15.5.1 on my iPhone the other day and when I went to enter my "mSecure " app it tells me that the developer of the the app needs to update.  I find out that you are no longer running this app and I have to download the mSecure 5, app and populate the previous app.  All said and done I forgot to do that on the first sign-up and can't find away to go back to migrate the previous apps information that I need really bad as I can't remember shit!!  I tried to sign ups with another of my e-mails and having doing it right this time, I still can't get in to migrate because I can't remember my password because I used my "Finger Print" to log in......  So now what?

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Hi Joseph,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm really sorry to hear about the issue you are experiencing here. Unfortunately, there isn't much we can do in these circumstances. There is no way to bypass the password entry to migrate your information in to mSecure 5, because that password is needed to decrypt the information stored in the app. Without it, the data is unreadable and cannot be migrated. Since we don't acquire your password or your data, there is no way for us to retrieve either of them for you. Is it possible there is a substitution character you are not entering correctly? For example, many people use $ for S, 3 for E, @ for a, etc.

I have the same problem than Joseph

Hi Louise,

I'm not sure if you saw the response I wrote to Joseph. Can you read that over and see if checking for character substitutions will help?

This is bullshit all my passwords are in my mSecure account and now I can’t use the app because I can’t get in mSecure 

@Edhawkins1976 If you still know your password to mSecure 4, you should be good. All you would need to do is install mSecure 5 on the same iOS device mSecure 4 is installed, create a new account or reset an existing account, and then migrate your data in from the old app. You can find out more about this process here:

So... I know the password to mSecure 4. I've installed mSecure 5 on the same iOS device, and created a new account. But HOW do I migrate the data from the old app? This option didn't come up when I was setting up a new account in mSecure 5, and the 'restore' button in mSecure 5 is greyed out. Help please!

@David The reason you were not able to migrate is probably due to mSecure 4 being older than v4.5.4 on your iOS device. Go ahead and follow the instructions below, and when you have found the mSecure version in the iOS Settings app, email me at with the subject, "Attention Mike: No Migration." Post here after you send me the version information via email, and I'll respond as soon as I see the email.

1) Open the Settings app on the device on which the migration did not take place when setting up your mSecure 5 account

2) Tap General

3) Tap iPhone Storage

4) Tap the magnifying glass in the top right, and type in "mSecure"

5) You should see two apps returned in the search, and you'll need you to tap the one with the bright blue icon, which is the older version of mSecure

In the "mSecure" screen, what version is displayed under the name of the app? It would be most helpful if you could send a screenshot of the "mSecure" screen with the version information.

Thanks Mike for your quick response. Version that we were using is indeed older - v4.2.1. Have seen you a screenshot.

Thank you @David. I just saw the email and responded to it. We'll keep all correspondence going via that email thread from here on out.

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