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Upgrade to V5

I downloaded v5 and then tried to login using my V4 credentials but it did not allow me in. When I tried to creat a new account I received message "email already exists". I used the correct credentials. My goal is to switch to v5, not sure where to go from here. Btw other people asked the same question but the response was a link for forgotten password.

Hi Dan,

If the mSecure 5 is not allowing you to sign in, it means that either the email account or the password being used was not correct. Since you tried to set up a new account, and it tells you the email already exists, that means the password you are using is not being accepted to sign in to your account. That means you can either keep trying different variations of the password to see if you can login to the account, or you can simply reset the account, which will allow you to sign in and migrate your information from the old app. Do you want to try resetting your account?

Thanks for the response.  So my password is correct. To check it, I went into V4 and changed my password. It accepted my old password and changed it to a new password.  I went back into V5 and tried to sign with my new password and received the same error message.   

The password for v4 is not connected to the password in v5. They are two completely different apps, so one doesn't know about the password you are using in the other. Changing the password in v4 will have no effect on how v5 recognizes the password you are entering.

Would you like to reset your mSecure 5 account to move forward? If so, you can follow the instructions here: Account Reset

You'll find the instructions you need near the end of the page under the "How to reset your mSecure account" section. After you're done resetting the account, simply reinstall mSecure 5 and sign in to the account with your username and new password.

IMPORTANT: Do not reinstall the older version of mSecure with the bright blue app icon. If you do that, all of the data stored in the app will be lost.

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