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My trial ended I have now paid for pro but my saved logins and passwords are gone

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Hi Deborah,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for the issue you are experiencing. I'm not sure what has happened here, but your data is not deleted or removed when you pay for an mSecure license. Can you tell me more about how you found yourself in this place? Were you running a previous version of mSecure before, and now are you trying to upgrade to mSecure 5? Also, do you have access to your information in any version of mSecure running on at least one device?

my trial ended and now my passwords are gone. i thought i had continued with a free act. What can I do to retrieve my passwords and acts?

Hi Shae,

mSecure is not designed to remove your passwords when you are using it with a free account. You can continue to use it for free without any problems, but you won't be able to sync or make backups of your data. Can you explain in more detail how you came to this point where you are not seeing your data? Did you upgrade devices by chance?

Hi Mike, my macbookpro is being worked on so i signed into msecore on my MacBook air. I have not used msecure on my MacBook air before until today.

Ok, this is making more sense. Unfortunately, since syncing and backup are only possible with a Pro license, what you are hoping for here isn't possible. The data in mSecure on your MacBook Pro was never syncing to any type of cloud service, so it's not stored anywhere outside of that device. In order for your data to be stored in mSecure Cloud, Dropbox or your iCloud account, you would have had to purchase a Pro license first. Since the data is only stored on your MacBook Pro, it's not reachable from your MacBook Air. Does that make sense?

My secure account is blocking me and says it has to be updated.  I was forced to then buy the Pro and now have no data.  Help

@Joyce The issue you are experiencing here is something that happened unexpectedly after the iOS 14.5 update. For some reason, and only for a small handful of mSecure 4 customers, a message is displayed saying the mSecure app needs to be updated and is unable to be opened. In order to migrate your data, you would need to trigger the migration feature in mSecure 5. The only way to do that is to first reset your mSecure 5 account, and you can do that by following the steps below.

  1. Delete mSecure 5 (don't delete the older version of mSecure, as that will delete your existing information)
  2. Follow the instructions in this article to reset your mSecure 5 account (this will not affect the data stored in the older app...they are not connected to one another)
  3. Install mSecure 5 from the App Store app
  4. Sign in to your account using the new password you just set when resetting your account
  5. When asked if you would like to migrate your information from the old mSecure app, choose the option to Migrate

all but 3 of my 43-password data disappeared today. How do I get them back ???

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