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<Unknown SSID> : Can't wifi sync


I changed my router and now I see an <Unknown SSID> on the android app.

Basically in the "Sync status" section, I will see my phone name and then the words Network <Unknown SSID>.

Both the main PC and the android phone is on the same wifi access point when trying to sync.

I did go into the Windows Sync Settings and turned the "ON" slider switch to off and on, but the android app still shows the error message - <Unknown SSID>

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I'm having the same problem  with a new Android phone.    <Unknown SSID>   Have tried all the usual fixes.

Hi Chris and Buck,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for the issue you are experiencing. I'm not familiar with this message you are seeing, but I'm not sure right now it's actually an error message. First, what types of devices are you guys running, and what is the Android version number? Next, when you look at the boxes at the bottom of the screen in the Sync Settings, does it show any red or yellow data or graphics? Does it have a green connection icon or is it a red icon showing the client and server there is a disconnection?

I am having exact same issue. New router with same SSID name as used prior, and now mSecure cannot wifi sync.  It shows a red icon showing a disconnect between client and server.  I have also restarted both PC and android phone and also reset the the "Main Computer" setting off then back on using the PC.

I just wanted to report that using guidance provided in another thread I solved the problem by making sure my ethernet connection on my computer was  "Private" under "Network Profile" settings on my Windows 10 PC.    Somehow, it had changed to Public possibly due to the router change. BTW,  the phone app still shows "unknown ssid" so that must not be the root of the problem but now does show connected between client and server.

It's great to hear you were able to get this issue resolved Jay! With Windows computers, most problems related to Wi-Fi syncing are caused by the Network Profile being set to Public. I'm not sure how that settings gets changed either, but as you found out, setting it to "Private" takes care of the problem.

Not sure if I should necro this thread or start another for the same issue.

I get the message "<unknown ssid>" as well, but it is sort of intended because the SSID is not broadcast for security reasons.

The Windows 10 "Main Computer" is not using WIFI but Ethernet, its subnet is routed with the WIFI used by the Android phone.

The PC is using the Domain Network Profile with the same discovery settings as the Private Network Profile.

mSecure 3 on the same phone and PC can sync without problems.

I was happy with mSecure 3 for years but was not able to activate it on my new PC. Therefore I purchased mSecure 5 recently but I am rather disappointed with it right now :-(

@Trekky Based on the setup you just described, I'm not sure if the Wi-Fi syncing will work in mSecure 5. With the new app, it's set up to be easier to sync in the most common of scenarios, but it's not quite as flexible in the less common contexts. That being said, the only thing you can't do in mSecure 5 is set a specific port number for the connectivity with the desktop app. Aside from that, I believe you will have to have the Network Profile set to Private in order for the syncing to work. Have you tried setting the Network to Private just to see if things work?

With all due respect - I dont understand that excuse.

Do you really call Domain Network Profiles that are used in large corporate networks a "less common context" ? Do you imply that mSecure is not suitable for people working there, thats it is meant for private users only who can freely mess around with their network settings ?

But what I really dont understand is how it was possible that mSecure got worse and worse with every version after 3 - at least in this respect.

v3.5.6 was fast, stable, uncomplicated, and it was able to sync in  my "less common context" just fine.

But then suddenly the license file import does not work anymore - and suprise - surprise - you have to purchase mSecure *again*.

I could have lived with the fact that I suddenly need an Internet connection to activate mSecure even though I think that the whole cloud-here-cloud-there is far too exaggerated.

But instead of playing Beta Tester for a paid product and messing around with an otherwise perfect PC setup just to find a workaround for a software that does not work as needed, I prefer to bear the loss of the purchase price and look for working alternatives....

Thank you very much for your feedback. If there is something I can help with specifically in mSecure as you look for other alternatives, let me know.

Sorry if I sounded grumpy - but I am just frustrated that a no-brainer like moving a small but important software to a new computer takes so much time, complications and is unsuccessful in the end.

When I could not activate mSecure3 I still was trusting it so I purchased the new version - just to meet another dead end.

Of course there is something you could do to help - make it work ;-) - for example add the v3 sync routines as "WIFI Legacy Sync" option....

@Trekky For sure, the mSecure 5 app will not be updated with any Wi-Fi enhancements, as we're getting ready to release mSecure 6 after the beta testing has finished. I'm not sure if there will be enhancements to the feature in later releases of v6, and I do understand you're looking for something that wouldn't be considered an enhancement. For v5 and v5, however, it is an enhancement. The thing is, because I'm not exactly sure if adding the ability to set a port would actually fix the problem, it's not certain that adding that capability would help.

One of the big problems with Wi-Fi syncing is that it's an incredibly complicated system, and we rely heavily on the systems built in to the OS. So many of our customers have reported so many different configurations, that it would be next to impossible to make all of them work correctly, not without a dedicated Wi-Fi systems engineer. I'm sure that sounds crazy, but it's really what we have experienced. We try to keep the Wi-Fi syncing working solidly for the majority use cases, and we believe we achieve that goal. When it deviates much from those use cases, things can get more unstable.

I say all of this to be transparent about how we handle the Wi-Fi syncing. It's possible the feature will be enhanced in the future, but at this time, I we don't have active plans for doing so.

I understand - although I generally consider it an enhancement if something actually starts to work - even if it means re-introducing a working feature that had been removed for whatever reason.

What I don't get is why something that works at least in (a lot of ?) certain scenarios had to be removed in order to add something that might work in others or "in general" and which forces users to adapt Windows to mSecure instead of the other way around.

Anyway - as I am done with mSecure and just another leaving customer, I have no further right to post here....

Again, thanks so much for your feedback Trekky. If you do have any questions about mSecure in the future, we'll be here to help. Thank you very much for your business.

As a conciliatory  conclusion : in a last attempt I tried to activate 3.5.6 which failed - but I found old posts about a related bug and a link to download 3.5.7.

With 3.5.7 the activation worked - and it can sync !! ;-) - so I am happy again. I dont mind the payment for v5 since I have been using 3.5 for so long now :-)

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