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Fastest and best sync method for iOS devices

Just curious about other mSecure users’ experience. I have had less than ideal results syncing with iCloud and mSecure Cloud. Not entirely impossible (with either say, after up to a week of various efforts) among 4 devices, but certainly not quick. Which of the two do you find best? (Or is hard-core manual sync the best?)

Hi Albo,

Thank you for contacting us again. I would definitely like to hear other customer's feedback on what they are experiencing with iCloud syncing, but I was wondering if you are not happy with using mSecure Cloud syncing for some reason.

So far as I can tell, in our last correspondence, you mentioned you were going to continue using mSecure Cloud syncing. Has something not been working to make it so you want to use a different sync feature? The reason I ask is because mSecure Cloud syncing is the most consistent, user-friendly cloud sync feature in the app. It's not reliant on any third party system like iCloud or Dropbox, so there is never anything that can get in the way of it working correctly.

It is totally up to you if you want to use a different sync feature, but I just want to make sure you haven't run into any other problem using mSecure Cloud.

i can sync between my iphone and macbook air using either wifi or dropbox

Thank you for the feedback Alvin!

For what it’s worth, using mSecure Cloud sync, we still have frequent unsatisfactory sync. We have two each, iOS, iPadOS, and MacOS. An item change/deletion/addition on one may be reflected relatively quickly on another. But on the others, a manually-forced sync (drag-down from top of item list or File → Sync) is needed. We're getting by with the manual sync. mSecure now inexplicably syncs "first-in-line" login preference on multiple-id accounts. If my wife and I each have a gmail account it was formerly the case that mSecure properly presented her credentials for efficient login on her devices and mine, on mine. Now at times this has become unpredictable. I have gone through the rag of Autofill off, stop the app, clear Safari, start Autofill, etc., to no avail. Tedious. Sync has become a tedious boogaloo from what it used to be through no action on my part. But we’ll get by: mSecure still beats either Keychain or pen and paper.

Hi Albo,

I think what's happening here is you aren't waiting for the sync timer to trigger on the devices that aren't making the change to your data. We continually test the auto-sync feature to make sure it is working correctly, and to our knowledge, there are no issues right now that keep the auto-sync from getting triggered. That doesn't necessarily mean you aren't experiencing some type of bug, but since everything is working correctly in our testing and other customers are not reporting the same type of issues, I'm very confident syncing is working correctly.

Instead of making a change when the app is open on multiple devices, go ahead and lock mSecure on all your devices. After they are locked, open mSecure on one device and make a change to your data - either add, delete or change a record. After the change is saved, wait for about 10 seconds, then open mSecure on another device. When the app is opened, it will check your account to see if there were changes made recently, and those changes should be synced in.


I have upgraded and purchased 5.7.2 via the app store. My data is showing on my iPhone however it is not sync to my macbook even though it has been downloaded and authenticated.

I had configured the setting over wifi and presumed this would "pipe" and sink through to my macbook mSecure 5.7.2. However, no data is showing currently. 
Please advise what i need to do


Hi Nav,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for the issue you are experiencing. I'm not sure what could be happening here, but we'll get the syncing working. The first thing to check is to make sure you are signed in to the same account in both mSecure apps and that the account is showing as Pro account. You can check the Account Settings in the Settings of the iPhone app and in the Preferences of the Mac app. Go ahead and check there to make sure it is showing the same email address and that it has a Pro license in both apps. After you do that, report back here your findings along with the emails address you are using for your mSecure account.

Hi Mike,

I have the same issue, but with my windows devise. I selected Wifi and set my computer as main. No data are sync.

If I choice mSecure cloud - it works.

Hi Maren,

I think I know what the problem is here. On Windows, there is a certain network setting that has to be set a certain way in order to allow third party apps to sync. You can learn more about that here: WiFi syncing issues - Windows Specific

Hi Mike,

thanks for your quick answer.

It solved the issue. 

Great news Maren! Let me know should you need further assistance.

I just purchased a license for the pro version. It is showing up on my MacBook Pro, blank.  My iPad is not showing the upgrade to the paid version so my data is not syncing. I am really just trying to salvage my data from the old mSecure version. Please help!

@Rebekah Are you just trying to upgrade to mSecure 5 on all your devices, or are you experiencing a different issue? Regarding migration, if you are able to open and unlock mSecure 4 on your iOS device, or mSecure 3 on your Mac, then you should have no problem creating a backup in the old app and restoring from it in v5.

With regards to your license, from where did you purchase it? If it was from our website, what email address did you use during the purchase? Also, what email address are you using for your mSecure account? You will find this by following the instructions below in all your mSecure apps:

For the iOS app:

    1.    Tap the menu icon in the top left of mSecure's main view

    2.    Tap Settings at the bottom of menu

    3.    Tap Account Settings

For the Mac app:

    1.    Open mSecure

    2.    Click "mSecure > Preferences" in the menu bar in the top left of your screen

    3.    Click the "Account" tab

Which email address do you see next to the Username field in each of your mSecure apps?

Hi Mike, 

I can't open the mSecure 4 app. It says it needs to be updated, which is why I purchased the upgrade. I have a trial version of the paid version on my iPad. I purchased the paid subscription on my desktop using the email address that I thought was attached to the trial version on my iPad. The email address on my iPad was spelled incorrectly. I tried resetting it and sending the QR code to my email but it is sending the the code to an incorrect email address. When I tried to correct the spelling on the account is says an account already exists under that name (the account on my laptop). I followed your instructions above. I can see my QR code but I can't sync the accounts. 

Thank you for your help!

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