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Bring back v4 search

In v4 if I type house street in the search terms, msecure returns all records with house AND street in the record somewhere.

If I do the same search in v5 it returns all records with house OR street in the record somewhere, returning a lot more records that I'd like to see.

I use msecure not only for passwords but other important information that is too sensitive to put in evernote, so a return to v4 search would work very well for me.

Hi Negel,

Thank you for your feedback on this. Can you let me know in which app you are seeing this behavior? Is it in just one or two of the platform versions, or are you seeing it on iOS, Android, Mac and Windows?

Hi Mike

After a bit more checking....  works fine on macbook and windows 10, but android phone seems to be using OR with multiple search terms.



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