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Msecure purchase

I purchased mSecure for the wrong email. How can I use the purchase with my new email?

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Hi Shepherd,

This is no problem at all to fix, but I will need to know the emails for your two mSecure accounts. After I find them in our system, I can simply move the license over to the account you would like to use.

Alternatively, you can simply reset mSecure on any device signed in to the wrong account and then sign in to the correct account. If you were to go that route, let me know first, because you would most likely need to make a backup of your data before doing so.

I am a user of the legacy software, bought Msecure5, set up username and password on Msecure. I have installed software on a new pc, but cannot sign in. I can't sign up with the email used to purchase the account. 


I checked our system, and I see that one of our support reps has responded to you via email, and he'll be able to help you get this resolved.

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