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Sync Error

Just switched and purchased MSecure 5. All my information was restored from the old version, after resetting my password. I keep receiving the following error, “the local account key doesn’t match the remote account key”

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Thank you for contacting us Duncan. I believe the problem here is that you have some old data from before your recent password change somehow hanging around in your iCloud account. This is not difficult to fix, but before we do anything, I want to confirm that your data still looks right in whichever device you used for the upgrade. Are you still able to open mSecure 5, unlock the app and view your information? Also, how many and what type of devices do you currently have signed in to your mSecure 5 account?

Local account key does not match remote account key. I just had to reset my account and synced data with msecure4. Now, I’m getting this error message

@Kristen This is happening because the sync data in Dropbox is out of sync with the account data stored locally on your device. In order to fix this, simply open the "Apps > mSecure 5" folder and then delete the folder that's named with what appears to be 10 random characters. You should be able to sync after that.

On iPhone sync setting reads:  Client:  iPhone, Server:  Desktop (With IP address)

On desktop sync setting reads:  Client:  Desktop, Server:  Desktop (With same IP address)

If these setting are incorrect, how do I change them as can see no option to do so?

@Brian I'm not sure what you mean here. If the Desktop IP address on the client mSecure apps are the same as the IP address shown in the mSecure app that is being used as the server, there is nothing to change. Are you saying the IP addresses all match, or are they not matching?

I need to know the answer to the question above, but I did want to let you know there is no way to change the Wi-Fi settings, such IP address manually. All of the data is set programatically.

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