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Selecting a word in "text" fields

Need to be able to select just a word or a phrase in text fields.

In mSecure 5.x for Android and Windows, when in an mSecure record, (without going into "Edit" mode,) I can select an individual word or phrase in any text field, including freeform large block fields, such as "Note". But on my iPhone (11, w/ IOS 13.6), I can only select the entire block of data in the particular text field -- unless I expressly tap "Edit".  That, of course, is (a) an extra step, and (b) makes my data vulnerable to unintended changes

The freeform text field is very useful, of course, but it loses a lot (if not most) of its usefulness without the ability to select words from within the freeform data.

Thanks very much.

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