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Groups and Types

Should I be able to add a new group or type. I have clicked the + in settings to add a group and type

 but, neither are visible when I select the group or type tab.

Which operating system?

With Windows you have to overwrite the "New group" or "New type" when creating a new group or type.

The Group or Type then appears in the list.


Thanks for that info.


Hi Ger,

Thank you for contacting us, and thank you again for answering Andy! Just to add some clarity here, in Windows, your Groups and Types only show up in the left column if there is a record making use of them. So, for example, if you create a new Group called "Shopping," then immediately look for it in the Groups filter, it won't show up. However, if you were to create a new record or edit an existing record, and add it to the "Shopping" Group, then when you click on the Groups filter in the left column, it will be displayed. Same thing goes for a Type. After creating the new type, it will only show up after you have created a record using that Type template.

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