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June 2020 Windows 10 update blocking mSecure wifi sync

 Since the June 2020 Windows 10 update I was unable to perform a wifi sync until I turned off the firewall.  I was also unable to add mSecure to the firewall exception list.  I am not comfortable turning off the firewall so I hope there is another option.

Hi Mike,

Thank you for contacting us. I'm not sure what could be happening here, but third party apps can't keep themselves from interacting correctly with the firewall settings on a computer. What I mean here is that if everything is working correctly with the firewall capabilities on the computer, then mSecure can't keep itself from syncing with the firewall enabled. Also, apps can't be created in such a way that they keep themselves from working with firewall systems. The firewalls work completely independently of the apps they are allowing or blocking.

So I'm not sure what could be causing the sync issue. Sometimes our customers will have problems with multiple firewall software running on their computers, and conflicts seem to arise, but this would affect all apps trying to communicate between different devices on your network. For example, if you are running anti-virus software, it's probable it has a firewall system as well, and it can cause problems when operating in tandem with the Windows Firewall. Do you have anti-virus software running on your PC?

The only thing I can think of right now is to have you go through the Wi-Fi sync troubleshooting article to see if there is something that can help. Here is the link to the article: WiFi Syncing Issues

Did that help by any chance Mike?

Prior to the June 2020 update, mSecure had been.working okay.  This update removed the ability to add firewall exceptions for Universal applications.  When I tried to manually add mSecure by navigating to c:\program files\windowsapps, I got an error that I did not have access to this folder.  After modifying this folder's security to add my local account as owner I was able to add mSecure as an firewall exception and am now able to sync normally.  This is clearly NOT a mSecure issue but a Windows 10 update issue (shocked...shocked I tell you).

Hi Mike,

It's great to hear everything working again! The Wi-Fi networking issues can be incredibly difficult to track down, especially when you have stuff like this happening on Microsoft's end. I'm really glad you were able to figure this one out, because I have no idea how long it would have taken me to find some type of information about the firewall changes in the latest OS update. Did you find something about that online? If so, do you mind sharing a link to that information here?

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