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Filter by Groups as well as Types

Would be great if mSecure 6 would reinstate the ability to filter by both Groups as well as Types (like in mSecure 4).  At the moment mSecure 5 only has preset Types that can be filtered (Recent, Logins, Credit Cards, Secure Notes).

Any idea when mSecure 6 will be released?

Hi Luke...thank you for contacting us. In mSecure 6, we are implementing a new tagging system, which will provide a lot more flexibility for organizing your information. The older system for filtering won't be added back into the app, but having the ability to filter by multiple tags added to a record should make it much easier to isolate the information you need.

We don't have a concrete release date now, but all our efforts are focused on the version 6 release, and it will be ready as soon as possible.

Is there a demo or beta program where this can be tested? 

mSecure 5 has always (in iOS version) shown the record by Type, but has not allowed viewing of the records (sorted by) types. Will this technique change? Do I understand that there will be no more record type just tags? How will this compare between the iOS and Desktop versions?

Hi Henry,

In mSecure 5, you can change the way your records are sorted in the main view. You can choose to sort by Name, Type, Group and Date, and you can find that setting in the Menu of the app. Open mSecure, then tap on the icon in the top left of the screen. In the list that slides in, there is an option near the bottom called "Records sorted by:" with the current setting to the right of it. Tap on that option, and you can change to the different sort method you would like to use.

Regarding you question about tags and types, those are two different features altogether. Types are the templates you use for storing your data, like the Login type template that has fields for your online account's Website URL, the Username and Password. Tags are a simple and very flexible way to organize your records, like groups in the current version. The difference between groups and tags are that you can have multiple tags for each record, whereas now you can only apply one group to a record. In short, tags will be replacing groups in the current version, and this will be a platform-wide change.

Regarding beta testing, we are now offering our customers to become beta testers for mSecure 6. We don't have a concrete release date for the first beta, but it will be ready as soon as possible. Is that something you are interested in now that you know you can change the sort method for your records?

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