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Misleading Type Information

Using mSecure 5 Mac, importing CSV from MacOS Numbers. Having trouble importing, records of many types; this example: Type Credit Cards.

I saved a KB list of Default Record Types in mSecure 5 from this page:

I customized a Type "Credit Card 1" to match this structure; I set my spreadsheet to match this Credit Card 1 Type. But this does not import data to correct fields.

But I see a different Type spec in a 2 yr old forum discussion at

I customized "Type Credit Card 2" to match this older advice; I set my spreadsheet to match this Credit Card 2 Type. This seems to import correctly.

In summary: current KB Type list doesn't import correctly. 2 yr old Type list seems to work. Why can I not get data matching your current KB list to work? Your KB seems misleading, am I correct? 

I wish to import many other Types; how can I rely that they won't be messed up by your KB? Is there a reason why data that to all intents matches your KB Type Listing doesn't import? Is there an explanation that will help me fix my CSV structure to work correctly?

Follow up to my post.

If I delete all but required fields in the Credit Card Type, that leaves Grp, Type, Descr, Note, Card Number, Expiration Date, and Security Code. Then I reduced my CSV to those 7 fields.

When I import that CSV, the last field fails to import despite being in the Type setup and in the CSV. 

Attached is snap showing Type setup, CSV, and mSecure items for the 2nd row of the CSV.

What is happening? Why did the Security Code field not import? (It is a Sensitive Number Field, is that why it does not display?)

Hi Fritz,

The knowledge base article is exactly the same as the forum post you linked to. I created both things and the only thing I changed between the two is that I created newer screenshots for our knowledge base article to use so I'm not sure what you mean when you say things are different. I also don't understand your follow up question or issue.

All record types in our app require a Group, Type, Title, and Note. The fields after those fields go in order to the record type. Our app comes with 22 different record types by default. The Credit Card record type has these fields by default:

Credit Card

  1. Card Number                          
    • Credit Card Field
  2. Expiration Date               
    • Month/Year Field    
  3. Security Code                 
    • Sensitive Number Field 
  4. Name on Card                
    • Text Field
  5. PIN                                  
    • Sensitive Number Field
  6. Issuing Bank               
    • Text Field
  7. Phone Number
    • Phone Number Field
  8. Billing Address
    • Text Field

Of those fields, only the Credit Card Field, Month/Year Field, and Sensitive Number Field Types are required.  All other fields are can be edited or removed if needed. Note that if you require any fields that are not in our Credit Card by default, you will need to make sure to create those fields in mSecure 5 before trying to import your data. If you were importing credit card records from a CSV file, this is how your information should look like:

From your screenshot, it looks like you are formatting yoru expiration dates in a text format. Please use a mm/yyyy format instead. This is likely what is causing your issues here and this might be my fault for only specificing Month/Year field without providing the formatting required for it (mm/yyyy). I'll update our support article to add that information so that it can help others in the future.

I changed my spreadsheet cell format to text and then typed numeric text to specify the Month/Year Field. It made no difference. The Exp Date field imports intelligently as before, but displays date numerics.  I don't believe this is the problem.

But the import fail I wrote about originally is not fixed. Credit Card still omits the last field in my CSV: Security Code.

See the files "Incomplete Import" before Month/Year fix and  "Still  Incomplete" after Month/Year fix. SECURITY CODE STILL MISSING! 

 You have not answered my question about the Security Code. Is it imported but hidden? Why does this not work?

Hi Fritz,

It looks like removing the default fields might be causing your issues here. When trying to import a CSV file with a row with only Group, Type, Title, Note, Credit Card Number, Expiration Date, and CCV code, the app does not seem to import the CCV code properly. However, if I make sure that the credit card type has the fields our default type has and that my record includes more than just the 3 credit card fields, everything seems to work properly.

Please make sure to add the default fields to our credit card record type and make sure that your records include more than just the first three (credit card number, expiration date, cvv) credit card fields. 

1 The error condition is triggered by:

        Credit Card Pref Type definition:

Group, Type, Title, Note, Credit Card Number, Expiration Date, and CCV code

CSV Data:

Group, Credit Card, CCName, CCnote, 5555-5555-5555-5555, 02/2021, 555

2 And the solution combines these Type and Data:

Credit Card Pref Type definition: 

                 Gr-Typ-Desc-Not-CC#-Exp-CCV + at least one other field

CSV Data:

Group, Credit Card, CCName, CCnote, 5555-5555-5555-5555, 02-2021-555 + at least one other field

Did I get that right?

I am having similar problems with Type Safe Login. Can you verify if the solution is the same with that type?

Here's more of the same difficulty importing CSV data into mSecure 5 Mac. This time it is with Type Login. Similar problem: using a default type does not import.

See my attachments:

#1 is the KB info for default type Login, with 5 default fields (+GTDN). Starting with the default,  I added fields for a total of 15. Because this type  did not work, I also created a new type Login 11 using identical fields.

#2 is the CSV data I used. It shows that 2 records are type Login and 2 are type Login 11. Other than Group/Type, the 4 records have identical structure which match the 2 type specs in Preferences. Records with identical data structures imported into identical record types SHOULD POPULATE THE SAME.

#3 is the record from row 3 of the CSV. All fields successfully imported using type Login 11.

#4 is the record from row 1 of the CSV, imported as type Login.  8 CSV fields did not import!

Above in this thread, there's my report that default type Credit Card has similar import failures. Like type Login, I was able to create a new type that functions as designed. I have functional type replacements for both. But mSecure does not let me delete its broken default types. 

I am very reluctant to pay for this software that is so disabled for CSV import. I request that these issues be escalated to where they can be repaired. Software that is buggy like this deserves critical reviews, ratings, and forum posts to get a response. If that does not come before my trial period ends, I will look for other software.

This does seem to be a bug or issue of some sort. I have created a bug report about this for our developers to fix in a future update. I'm sorry about any inconvenience this might cause.

Thanks Eden. 

Here's more info on the default type bugs. It references the following KB entry.

Switch between All Items and the main record types

 mSecure has 3 main record types easily accessible at all times along with All Items and Recent items to make accessing your information as easy as possible.

  1. All Items – Use this to view all of your items
  2. Recents – View recent items in
  3. Logins – View all Login items
  4. Credit Cards – View all Credit Cards
  5. Secure Notes – View all Secure Notes

My solution includes 2 custom types to replace the buggy default types: my type CC Card replaces default Credit Card and my type My Login replaces default Login. Things seem to be working.

But when I review the main sidebar type access rosters from the KB, all my CC Card records are listed at the Credit Card roster and all my My Login records are listed under Login.

Hi Fritz,

This is not a bug but how we designed the filters. Any record type that fits the "Login" type of record or the "Credit Card" type of record will be shown to you under "Logins" or "Credit Cards." In order for us to consider a record type a login style record, the record must have a URL, Username, and Password field type. In order for us to consider a record type a credit card style record, the record type must have a credit card number, month/year, and sensitive number field type. 

Do you not like to have quick and easy access to records that are Logins or Credit Card styled record types in the app?  

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