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Will Touch ID become available for desktop version of mSecure, for new MacBook Pro users?

I'm a very long-term, happy user of mSecure (version 5 of course), and I use it constantly. It's an excellent resource that's only gotten better with time. 

Touch ID for mSecure works perfectly on iOS, but it would be great if that could also be made available for the desktop version.  I just upgraded to a new MacBook Pro running Catalina, and that includes a nifty touch-ID button not present on older models of MacBook Pro. The Touch ID button works perfectly for Apple related items, but there is nothing available presently for using Touch ID to open up mSecure. Is that on the horizon? I have a pretty secure main password, so it's annoying to have to constantly type it :)


Steve in Albuquerque

Hi Steve,

mSecure 5 for Mac has had Touch ID available since Apple released the first MacBooks with the touch panel. To enable Touch ID on Mac:

  1. Open and unlock mSecure 5
  2. Press the command and comma keys simultaneously, or click "mSecure 5 > Preferences" in the menu bar at the top left of your screen.
  3. Click Security
  4. Enable Touch ID

Thanks! I apologize for the bother; I should have been able to figure this out, as it is quite straightforward, and of course, Touch ID works perfectly to open mSecure. 

mSecure keeps getting better and better.  Cheers.

Hi Steve, I press command+shift+S but nothing happens, preferences doesn't come up. I'm on the latest MacBook pro. Thanks.

@Steven and @Sue I'm not sure why the instructions above said "click command+shift+S" to open mSecure's Preferences, but that's not right. I updated the instructions for other customers, so thank you for commenting on this post. In order to get to mSecure's Preferences, you should open mSecure and unlock the app, then click "mSecure 5 > Preferences" in the top left of your screen. Then in the Preferences, you should see the Security tab to enable Touch ID.

Thank you!!!! Issue solved xx

That's great to hear @Sue!

I've done exactly what Steve says above and TouchID still is not working.  I see the red fingerprint at the bottom of the screen when I try to open mSecure, but it is inactive.  What else can I do?

Hi Flip,

What have you done to try to fix the issue? If you followed the instructions I gave above, what happens after you uncheck Touch ID in mSecure's Security Preferences on your Mac? Does the feature get turned off? If so, when then happens when you try to check the box again? Are you asked for your password, and after entering it, does the box get checked? There are no issues that should be keeping Touch ID from working on your Mac if your Mac supports that feature, so I need to get very specific information as to what's happening when you try to enable the feature.

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