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I have a previous version of MSecure with a license. Do I have purchase a new license with the new new version?

Hi Lester,

Thank you for contacting us. mSecure 5 is a brand new app, and it marks the first time in the history of our company that we have charged for an upgrade to mSecure. We wanted to make it a free upgrade for our customers, but with the current landscape of application development, it was not feasible for us to do so.

You can always re-download the previous versions of mSecure that you have already purchased. Here's an article that shows you how to download the older versions of mSecure:

We also do offer previous customers a 33% off discount to upgrade to mSecure 5 for $19.99. Please create a ticket or email us at in order to get information about this discount off.


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Dear support team, I’ve bought the IOS version of Msecure 5 on my IOS device through the AppStore. I also have an Apple computer for which I would like to use this password manager. How do I activate my license with the Apple computer running MacOS? Kind Regards, Robbert van Gom Neumann

@Robbert I'm responding in the other thread you created. We'll keep our correspondence in that thread from here on out.

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