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Let's see if this gets posted. I've already put it elsewhere on the internet, and reviewed the app in all the stores, so we'll see if mSecure wants to address it directly here....

I have been using mSecure ever since it's initial release. I chose mSecure over all the other “similar" Apps because if it's ability for Item Type customization. I work in the IT Industry, and I use mSecure more like a secure database than just a “Password Manager". I have built SEVERAL of my own Item Types in order to store the information needed for the Equipment / Systems / Users / etc I manage. My mSecure database has become very customized and quite robust! I have always loved how FAST mSecure 3 was able to display, and sort, all the data! I also liked that it actually looked somewhat like MS Excel, or Access. All the Data was easily sortable (by ANY Field) and easy to find.


I beta tested mSecure 5, and even bought the pre-order release, but I was not impressed. I LOVED everything about mSecure 3.5.7! Yeah, the UI could use some polishing ("flattening" in today's era of unimpressive UI's), but by no means did it need a COMPLETE overhaul. I freaking HATE the UI for mSecure 5. Sure, I guess it's like all the “others" now...but then why not just use one of the "others" like Bitwarden, or Enpass? Bitwarden is AWESOME for what it offers, AND for what it does! a Password Manager. But, that's not what I bought mSecure for...I mean, partially, yes; but really, I started using it because it was so ROBUST! Why on earth would you remove everything AWESOME about the UI from 3.5.7???


I am only writing this now because I have actually been using 3.5.7 up until this point in time. Sure, the UI is a bit outdated (who cares), and it doesn't fit correctly on my iPhone X screen; but the real problem is that it's no longer being actively supported / updated, and eventually it'll stop working all together. :( So, I've got to move on.



I re-tested all the contenting “Password Managers" out there and found that Bitwarden is probably the best one for the “average" user...which I am not. Enpass beta 6 showed real promise with the addition of customizable Types (FINALLY! Geez!), but with the final release they made these features a “Pro Only Upgrade”; LAME. They also made an In-App Purchase the ONLY way to upgrade a license to the "Pro" version; DOUBLE LAME. Now it'll cost you $30+ (PER PERSON) in your family if you're using a combination of Windows, macOS, iOS, Android. SMH


And I know I didnt even mention LastPass…and for good reason; come on…you all know it’s not even a real contender...


So...switching to Bitwarden or Enpass 6 is out… I guess mSecure 5 it is…yaaay…sigh



Here’s what I like about mSecure 5;

  • Its still actively being supported.
  • It fits correctly on my iPhone X screen.


Heres what I HATE about mSecure 5;

  • The UI; it’s Azure-style side-scrolling is HIDEOUS and extremely UN-USER FRIENDLY!
  • I do not like that I am required to have an "mSecure account” (but I do understand why this is for cross-platform licensing purposes).
  • I do not like that mSecure 5 connects to gate.hockeyapp-net, msecure-docker-parse.herokuapp-com, & msecure-parse.s3.amazonaws-com even when using another sync solution. mSecure should only connect SECURELY (which it does already) to mSecure domains. PLEASE EXPLAIN!
  • I do not like how S...L...O...O...O...O...W it is; iPhone, macOS, doesn't matter. It's slow opening, slow syncing, slow switching records, slow sorting, slow's just SOOO FREAKING SLOOOW! :(


I know, I know...I may have over 2500 items in my database, but still! mSecure 3.5.7 is still LIGHTNING FAST!!! (with the same data I might add).


So here's my pitch;

  • Please add a "Legacy 3.5.7" UI to mSecure 5, or
  • Update and Re-release 3.5.7 as a "Secure Business Database Manager" instead of a "Password Manager". Polish it up, Enable duplication of an EXISTING Type, fix the dropbox API, add-iCloud (and other 3rd Party support). Charge $20 for it, and I'll buy it! But I need to to work like 3.5.7!
  • Fix the required" network communication. If mSecure is going to connect to an internet host, it should only be connecting to hosts within mSecure’s domain. Hello?…Security?!? Firewall Rules?!?!?


If it were me, I’d just add a Legacy 3.5.7 UI to mSecure 5, and fix the issues with the internet host domain names (with an explanation of what these connections are being used for (yes, I have trust issues)). But PLEASE do something!!!!

There really is no other viable app like mSecure as of yet. I keep looking, but there are none to be found. I think you guys have developed a great App, and suspect you are a great team; I just wish you would have continued on the path that set mSecure so far ahead of all the other “Password Managers” out there.

Hopefully you guys can address my frustrations with something truly glorious. What I need in a Secure Database App is indeed needed by many; hopefully you will be willing to answer the call and fill the void.



Thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback here and I'm sorry about the delay in our response. Unfortunately, I, the community manager, went on holiday for awhile. However, I'm now back and ready to answer any questions the forum has!

I'm glad to know that no one else quite stacks up to us! However, I'm sorry to hear/know that you dislike mSecure 5 so much. 

  • UI - I'm sorry that you find it hideous. I'm not exactly sure what is un-user friendly about it though. Feedback with exactly reason would be good for us here. That said, we are planning to make some changes to the UI in the near future to polish things and make getting to records much easier/faster in the future (adding a tag system we believe will help).
  • User accounts - They are here to stay. We understand that they're not for everyone, but they do allow us to provide our own licensing system. That makes mSecure 5 cheaper for everyone when using multiple platforms.
  • Connections - mSecure 5 connects to Hockeyapp (crash analytics. Let's us know what percentage of user are having crashing issues and provides basic anonymous crash details), Herokuapp (our server url), and AmazonAWS (automatic website icon downloads). The only real connection needed is the connection to In the future, that link/connection will show so that users that look at connection details might know exactly where the connection goes to. The other links will remain the same though. Having URLs match our exact domain name is not a security concern or issue. Well, except that users that look into the connection details often expect that.
  • Slowness - I'm not sure what's causing your slowness here. 2500 records is a lot of records. However, I've worked with others that had more records and did not experience many issues. That said, I have worked with some customers in the past to speed up the iOS app as well and I know that the Mac version has slowness issues that I've documented (usually a result of a record type with tons of password fields). I'd be happy to work with you and get video example of your issues so that our developers can work on reducing or completely removing any slowness present.
  • Adding a Legacy UI - Unfortunately, we do not have plans to add this at this time. However, we do have plans to add a more compact view to Mac and have considered adding an additional simple or basic UI that would display items in a more spreadsheet fashion as well. 

Please let me know if I missed anything here. I'm always happy to go over anything else and also work with you to fix any issues you are currently experiencing with mSecure 5. 

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