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Adding support for other sync services?

 Hello. This past week Dropbox has changed their policy for the number of devices connected to only 3. How will this affect mSecure sync over multiple devices? (I use it on my phone, multiple desktops, and tablet).Is there any plan to allow backing up to other services like Google Drive or some kind of FTP or NAS?

Thank you very much,

Kind regards.

Hi Kent,

Thank you for contacting us. We have no plans to add additional sync options at this time. mSecure 5 allows you to sync via our mSecure Cloud, iCloud (Apple Devices), Dropbox, and WiFi syncing. Our mSecure Cloud syncing feature is included with the purchase of a license so you are not require to use a paid Dropbox account to sync. If you intend to use Dropbox syncing, we recommend upgrading to a paid Dropbox account for individuals or teams. 

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