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Add a method to exempt a password from audit

One of my sites requires a very weak password. (Haven't you all been there? Sad, but true.) I truly would like a way to mark a particular saved password item as exempt from audit in cases where I already know the password is grievously weak and do not wish to have the password offering unnecessary distraction in the—otherwise very helpful—mSecure Security Center. 

I hope this suggestion is clear.

(And I wish no site would require silly passwords: I have sent them numerous gripes.)

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I'd vote for this - make the function much more useful

Hi guys,

Thank you for your feature request Albo. So an option for the Security Center to ignore a record when creating or editing a record is what you are looking for here, correct? Something like this?:

Note that you can already ignore a record in the Security Center so this would be so that you can ignore the record before it's even shown in the Security Center at all.

Well, maybe. I know I can ignore it in the Security Center (like saying to myself, “So what?”) What I’m suggesting is, to be able to have a flag of some sort to place in the record so that it doesn’t even *show up* as an objectionable item in the Security Center. As you may know, Eden Melgar, some (too many) sites (many of them, unfortunately, financial or medical concerns) limit users to very shoddy passwords. So I get as complex as I can, but mSecure—quite correctly—shows them in the Security Center as “very weak”. I truly agree with mSecure in this rating. But in such cases I’d like to flag such sites and devote Security Center reports to more important things. As if to say, “mSecure, please notify me of weak passwords I *CAN* change!” I think many of us now and again run into sites that have very primitive, childish, and [insert epithet] password constraints. Please help us have mSecure “mask” them from the Security Center in those cases when we’re already aware.
Ah, Eden Melgar, maybe I see now what you mean by “Ignore”. Chalk one up to ignorance (no pun intended). Once an item shows up in the Security Center in the “Weak Passwords” category, one need only select that record and select “Ignore”. Problem solved. I humbly apologize for not listening. I now have a few (unfortunately) ignored mSecure reccords. Great job, mSeven. Thanks.

It's ok. I'm glad I was able to help you notice that feature is already available in the Security Center. Additionally, it might not be a bad thing to have the ignore/show option available in the Edit record screen as well so I'll keep this up as a feature request.

(Note these comments apply to iOS)

I supported the request because I was hoping for an ignore button on the main security center screen (alongside the Change Password button).

This would be specific to a type of problem.

Just because I've accepted the password as being a duplicate doesn't mean I wouldn't want to be warned if the password was old or weak.

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