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Add ability to add attachments of any kind

I like to add some small binary files as attachments. It could be private keys or encryption certificates or any other file types. Currently I have to hack mSecure and add .jpg extension to my files to be able to store it in mSecure but this way I don't know which file is 'cause there is no file name.

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I should be able to save this files to my file system.

Agree - this was one of the first feature requests on this forum - at the time we were told that pdfs would come first and then other file types would be considered. Perhaps, given the time it has taken to get pdf attachments implemented, we could just move forward to allowing all file types.

Hi guys,

Andy, I agree. However, from this feature request, it seems the main thing, from this request that hasn't already been brought up, is to have file names available for attachments. Would be a good option? Mike, can I change your feature request to that since we already have feature requests for PDF attachments (coming in the next big update) and for allowing any kind of attachments?

I think he issue is broader than just adding a file name. Once different file types are permitted I'd want the option of downloading the file to my computer.

In the example from the OP - it would be very useful to store key files for use in encrypted web site access - but this would only work if those files could be exported.

As far as I can see with the existing set up the image files can only be accessed via a built-in mSecure image viewer (on Windows).

Namaste! To clarify, I need to:

  1.  Store any kind of files in a card. They could reasonable be small (10k is too small, 1M is big). Sometimes I need a few files. I don't remember the current limit but for instance for my passport I need about 7 images.
  2. See it's name and extension.
  3. Be able to export the file into local file system.

Hi Andy,

You can currently export the images on iOS and Windows. On Windows, you can open an image in your default images app and save the image that way. In the future, with more file options available, we would certainly have to also provide easier or quicker ways to export attachments as well though. 

Interesting - it looks as though you write to a temp directory for access by the default jpeg viewer and the temp file self destructs after 30 seconds.

I'd rather have more control of the process and just have the option of exporting to a location of my choice.

Hi Andy,

All attachments are encrypted. Because of that, all attachments must be decrypted before they can be viewed or opened with anything else. Also, I understand wanting more control or options to save/export attachments as well.

Just adding my vote.  I'm not sure what the difference between one file and another is.  It seems you are trying to display an image of the file in the attachments position.  For me, I'd much rather just be able to click on the file, or drag the file somewhere and have it open in the associated app.

JPEG seems to work already.

PDF would be my next requests.

Followed by, Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

I do have a couple sound files (WAV, or any Loss Less format).

Still love the app...

After scanning all of my documents become PDF.......... that would do me just fine.............PDF please.........

I would like the ability to store key exports from GPG Keychain. These have a .asc extension but permitting the attachment of any file type would be far better. I have an application that uses a key file that is imported. The key file is a binary file internally; I've used a hex dump and created a text field to store this but now I have to jump through hoops to  use it. Ideally, if you don't recognize it (ie .jpg/.jpeg/.png/.pdf etc.) save it as a binary file with the appropriate extension and permit us to import/export the file as such.

Hi David,

Thank you for your feedback! I have this feature on the radar, and I'll be talking to our developer soon to see what we will be doing for attachment types in v6. I'm not sure what you are asking for will be available on the first release of v6, but we do have plans to expand the feature as we continue development.

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