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Synchronisation password

I have forgotten my sync password for the sync with dropbox. Therefore the sync doesn't work. Do you have an idea hod I can redet the password. Thanks for your help! Records, Michael

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The sync database is lost if you have forgotten the password, but you can always view the password if you have a working app or if not reset it. Both are done via Settings->Sync Setup (iOS) or Preferences->Cloud Sync (MacOS):

Hi Michael, 

Please let me know if you still need help here. If you still have access to mSecure 3 or 4 and it's information, you should be able to fix this fairly easily as Johan describes. If you do not have access to your mSecure information on any device, resetting the cloud sync password used for Dropbox will remove any data currently stored on that file.

Thanks for the help Johan!

I hope you don't mind! Thanks.

I am trying to set up my msecure on a new mac , I have my password but it's asking for my email address - I have 3 and none of them work - what to do?

Hi Alan,

Since you have a very different issues, it would be best to start your own discussion. With that said, mSecure 5 is the first and only version of mSecure to use an account system. If you have not been using mSecure 5, you likely do not have an mSecure account. Can you let me know what version of mSecure you have been using on your devices? Here's an image that might help:

Also, Johan, thank you and please feel free to answer any questions others might have or provide help whenever you'd like. We appreciate the help :-)

By the looks of it, I have mSecure version 3. 

Hi Alan,

You can learn how to download our previous versions here:

If you'd like to use mSecure 5, please create an account to get started. However, I would recommend starting with mSecure 5 on a device that you have mSecure 3 or 4 installed so that mSecure 5 can walk you through a migration process. Otherwise, you'll have to restore from a .msim backup file created in the previous versions.





Thanks Eden, I'll try that, I have managed to get the files across but it now keeps telling. me its a trial version?

Hi Alan,

What version of mSecure are you using? Are you referring to mSecure 3? Did you download our website version? Did you previously purchase the app from our website or from the Mac App Store? If you used the Mac App Store, please remove/uninstall our website version and download the app from the Mac App Store instead. Note that you can find the download under your Purchased list on the Mac App Store:

Hi  Eden

I did this so long ago (the original version)  I cannot remember whether it was through Apple or direct, but at a guess, I would say Apple.

Hi Alan,

I can't find anything for your email. However, I did find something when searching your name in our mSecure 3 purchases. Did you previously use a email address? If so, can you let me know the full email address you used so that I can resend you the purchase confirmation email with your license number?

Hello Eden

No I did not have a BT account would have used


Then you likely did not purchase mSecure 3 from our website. I would recommend removing our website version and using the Mac App Store to view your purchase history and download mSecure 3 again:

Note that removing mSecure 3 will not remove it's data from your computer.

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