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Ideas for additional features

- I would like to Save multiple images into a field. 

I.E. A list of pictures as jpegs as a field type.

- I would like to be able to save a QR image in a field type. This is the same as the above, but could be input by scanning a QR.

- I would like a field type of "Barcodes". I can supply "detail barcode font" and text value or a picture.

- I would like to be able to show a screen to "present" for external authentication challenge which contains a picture field value, a QR field value. I could use this to get into a Gym.

- I would like Google Wear to be able to select and present the challenge screen. (I can WRITE the code for this...)

  This would REALLY allow me to get into a gym.  However, gaining access to the challenge screen should not expose the other records to be viewed or updated. I.E. Either a separate app to just select the challenge I wish to present, or have the current app have 2 presentation views.

- Badge IDs. I would like to insert a USB RFID badge scanner so I can save a badge, authenticate a badge, use the badge (maybe to decrypt stored keys for safari? The idea is if someone sits down and starts using my browser they DON'T get access to my google passwords or safari passwords when going to websites. There is additional challenges presented.)

ok, ok... Maybe just being able to save a picture in a field?

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