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Mass Add to Apple Watch

There should be a way to mass add all records to Apple Watch. I would like to access all my passwords on my Watch but do not want to go through all 500+ records to enable the feature. Thank you. 

This is a great idea. 500 records? That is secure! With that level of security, you shouldn't present your name!

Well....what there any progress on this mass adding of records? Have a lot to add as well and its is not convenient and mega time consuming to do each one. When you pay $30 dollars for this app you would expect this level of ease. 

Hi Ryan,

Customers are free to request features on this forum and we take all the feedback very seriously and use it for future improvements. However, we do not move forward with all feature requests. We never mentioned or suggested that this feature requests was something we are working on. Unfortunately, for your needs, this is not something we currently have planned to add. That might change in the future, but as Gary suggests, it's very unlikely.

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