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Cannot Authenticate account

I have set up my home computer, laptop and phone with msecure 5.   Trying to set up my main office computer.   I have tried every QR code I have and have resent it from one of my other computers.    It still says it's invalid.    Now what???

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Hi Steve,

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you are experiencing.  Can you let me know how you are trying to authenticate your account? What option are you using (Clipboard, file, or camera)? If using the File option, what kind of file are you trying to use to authenticate your account? mSecure 5 can authenticate you via the QR code png image or an mSecure.msecurekey encrypted account key file created on iOS or Mac. 

Perhaps this guide can help you authenticate your account here:

hi there. I battling to sync. I am logged in on my iphone and iPad, and on this site too, but I cant see how I should sync. a basic question Im sure and obviously im missing something. 

Hi Giles,

Thank you for contacting us. You should have no problem syncing as long as your devices are signed in to the same mSecure account. I'm going to have you check the username in mSecure's Account Settings on each of your devices:

For the mobile app (iOS/Android):

  1. Tap the menu icon in the top left of mSecure's main view
  2. Tap Settings at the bottom of menu
  3. Tap Account Settings

For the Mac app:

  1. Open mSecure
  2. Click "mSecure > Preferences" in the menu bar in the top left of your screen
  3. Click the "Account" tab

For the Windows app

  1. Click the settings icon in the bottom of the left column
  2. Click Account Settings

Which email address do you see next to the Username field in each of your mSecure apps Giles?

Hi Team, 

I am having a similar issue, my iphone and ipad work.  I am trying to authenticate a new laptop.  Tried every option without any success.

Can you please help?



Hi Jonathan,

Thank you for contacting us. You shouldn't have any problems authenticating on your new laptop, so I'm not sure what's causing this problem. First, can you let me know what type  of laptop you are using? Also, what do you mean when you say you "Tried every option without any success"? Please explain what you have done so far, so I can have a better idea of what's going wrong, and if you have seen any error messages, let me know what they tell you.

Hi Team

i use msecure on a Mac computer and on a iPhone. They shyncronize by iCloud. I subscrived an account msecure5 some years ago but i never used because it was mot necessary. Now i bought a windows computer so i need it but i can't authenticate...

What can i do? I hope Merry Crishtmas for you all

A, Cunha 

@Antonio I checked your account, and everything should be working on your PC. What happens when you try to use either of the methods in this support article to authenticate:

If you are seeing an error message, what exactly does the message tell you?

Hello Mike

Everything seems to be all right now.


That's great to hear Antonio! Thank you very much for your time, and please let us know should you need further assistance.

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