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Columns and Tables of Data in the Notes Field

I think that the developers should allow for columns and tables of data in the notes field. The problem arises as some numbers are wider or narrower than others and this is the only way to obtain a perfect result.

I think that this is an enhancement that will be beneficial to many users.

Hi David,

Thank you for adding your feature request here. Can you let me know why you are adding or wanting to add tables or columns to our Notes section to begin with? The way our records work, you have fields with labels and information on them. mSecure 5 comes with 22 default record types and allows you to edit the record types to include as many fields as you need. Additionally, when creating or editing a record, you can add fields specifically to that record. The notes section is suppose to be for small information related to the record. Why not add the table data you are wanting to use as fields in your record?

I sometimes keep a record of changes in an event over the past decade or more. A table or columns are the most effective ways of recording this. 

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