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Printing my mSecure password list

Once I back up and have sent to my email I cannot open the email - it says:

"There is no application set to. open the document. Search the App Store for a

application that can open this document"

What do I use?  I want to be able to see my back up and print it.

Thank you.


Hi Debra,

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you are experiencing.  Only mSecure can open (restore) from mSecure backup files. Please use this guide to learn how to backup and restore your information in mSecure 4: or in mSecure 5:

But I need to know how to print the backedup copy from either my email it was sent to on my laptop or on my ipad.  I want a hard copy to keep filed away.

Hi Carolyn,

Please use this guide to learn how to print out your information if needed:

Sorry I tired to see what I needed to do but this is too confusing to me.  I am not that computer savey.  I didn't see where or how to get 5 and print out my list

Hi Carolyn,

  1. Download mSecure 5 on your Mac or Windows 10 computer:
  2. Sign in to the same mSecure account in mSecure 5 on Mac or Windows
  3. Print your information:

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