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Add specific groups to the top Filters area (All, Recents, Logins, Credit Cards, Secure Notes).

In the new 5.x version, item groups are now only reachable by opening the left bar then selecting groups and finally getting the group you want.

My credentials are all classified by groups and that's how I quickly find them.

Unfortunately, the new version makes it an involved path to change groups. Please allow us to pin groups to the quick bar, the options currently in the bar are mostly useless (All items, recent, logins, credit cards, secure notes....)

I think I went through every option in the software and could not find any way to customize the quick bar.

I mostly use the Windows version of the app but I also use it on iOS.

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Agreed - and with the Windows version there is a lot of spare space in that menu bar on the left hand side of the screen for customization

Hi Mathieu,

You talk about groups but then mention our types filters instead. Are you wanting different group options or the ability to change the Filters/types shown on the left side? (All, Recents, Logins, Cards, Notes). If so, please add your feedback and mark this other topic as and idea that you like:

I'll be moving this topic to the Other category since there is already a feature request for what you seem to be wanting here.

I'm sorry if this was not clear, I did not mention type filters, I solely want to pin groups to the left bar where the filters are.

Right now, getting to groups requires up to 3 steps (if your bar is collapsed, you need to expand it, then you need to click on groups, then you need to click on the group you want).

This request is to allow us to pin select groups (or types if you want to expand on it) to the bar.

Groups.png Groups.png
12.8 KB

Thanks for the clarification. We are already thinking about implementing the ability for users to be able to select the types they want there instead of the All, Recents, Logins, Cards, Notes selection we currently have. I'm not sure if there's any need or demand to make that a group selection as well, but I've renamed your topic here and moved it to the Feature Request area again to see if others think there's a need for this as well.


You might consider a rethink of how people actually use the product when they have many (hundreds) of items.

Whenever someone uses the tool they want to get as quickly as possible to an item or a set of items and the tool gives you numerous ways of doing that:

- favourites

- types

- groups

- search

These aren't well coordinated - if I choose a specific group or a specific type then I can subset using favourites or search - but I can't choose a group within a type (or the other way around).

Favourites is not very flexible - I don't have a single set of favourites.

The Type concept is really a method for categorizing record format templates rather than a primary search method (as it is used for today). The tool confuses Types and Groups. When someone is searching for an item they aren't looking for a specific record format they are looking for a specific category of items (that may be one or more types)

As we have discussed before Groups are not sufficiently flexible - much more useful would be either a Group/Sub-group hierarchy, or (probably even better) a system of Tags where a single record could have one or more Tags. 

The left hand panel (on Windows) or the drop down menu (on iOs) is now available for customization and could show the most frequently used categories of items (which are unlikely to be related to the type of record format template but more likely to be the Group/Sub-group hierarchy or a set of Tags).

Thank you for the feedback here Andy. We do also have plans to make our Groups more flexible and(or) add a full on tagging system. Perhaps you are correct that the filters on the left panel or the menu should be focused on Groups or tags since customers would want to get to specific groups, favorites, or tags more than simply specific record categories. I'll definitely bring up this point when we are discussing changes. I'm a little afraid that moving from types to groups or tag filters would anger some customers now used to the types though.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Understood - people don't like change.

How about adding flexibility? Allow users to choose what they see - if they want it exactly the same as now - make that the default - but add customization options so that we can choose.

Maybe that will have the be mSecure 6.

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