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2FA or yubikey support


First of all I'm very happy with the product and have been for quite a while. I was wondering if any support for 2FA will be added in the near future? Specifically yubikey as an extra layer on top of your masterpassword.



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Thank you for the feedback Pamalam. I never thought of using the Apple Watch for some type of MFA, so we'll have to look into whether that would work or not. For some, if it's possible, that my be all they would want for extra security. Regarding push and sms methods, we plan on using Authy since it is more flexible and easier to manage for the user. The Google authenticator makes it difficult to move to other devices and nearly impossible, if not actually impossible, to restore or sync MFA keys. For some, that's a good representation of security, but for most it goes too far and is difficult to use.

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