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Not getting info when syncing

I have been a user of mSecure 3 for a few years and have just started to use mSecure 5.  When I sync my iphone with my MacBook Pro I am not getting any information about how many records were deleted, added, changed, etc.  That was always clear on mSecure 3.  How can I see that on mSecure 5?

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Hi TJ,

mSecure 5 will only show you a sync complete or sync issue status when using Wi-Fi syncing. You can view the most recent changes by selecting the Recents filter in the mSecure 5 menu on iOS or the left side in mSecure 5 on Mac.

So you removed functionality?   Makes zero sense.   If I just updated 3 records it was great confirmation to show that 3 records were synced.  Is there some reason NOT to show that level of detail?

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