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Store Password Generator settings (length, special characters Y/N, etc.) at record level.

When a password is changed, the default parameters used for resetting that password are those used for the last password edited, not those used for the password about to be edited. So if the last password I edited used special characters and had to be less than 12 characters, those are the parameters that are applied to the password I now want to change even if this password doesn't allow special characters and must be at least 20 characters.

Can this be changed so that once a password is set, the parameters used to set it is stored with the password so that when it needs to be changed those parameters are the ones being used. 

As things stand now, I frequently find that the password I reset is not accepted (or is relatively weak) by the site and needs to be reset.

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This seems like an oversight in the design - storing the password rules for specific sites in the database seems an obvious thing to do.

Hi guys,

Thank you for the feature request. Andy, I'm not sure if I would consider this an oversight at all. We decided that having the random password generator settings work across mSecure would be the best option. This request asks for the password generator settings to be per record. One thing we would also need to consider would be how do new records start? Do we start at the default password generator settings when creating a new record or the last password generator settings?

I would propose using maximum settings as the default (maximum length, special characters, numbers etc. ) Once a password is set, whatever changes are made to the default settings are stored and used for that record whenever that password is changed. The default settings for new records remain.
Forgot to note that my proposal will always have mSecure propose the strongest password it can create. As things are now, it proposes a password that is only as strong as the last record will allow which may be strong but also may be weak.

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