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Suggestion for a compact view

I just upgraded to msecure 5. Thanks for the update. The one thing that I'm seeing is the individual entries are very large, which limits how many can fit on the screen at once. This includes the Windows app as well as the ios app. It would be nice to be able to select a "compact" view.  

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As some person (as I) have more that 280 records a agile interface  is a must.

Hi Mike,

Thank you for your gratitude and understanding here. With mSecure 5, we tried to create an app that most customers can like. We also tried creating a more modern and clean app. However, we understand that we can always do a bit more to help customers who have specific tastes or preferences. Your feedback here is important to us, and I'll make sure that others at mSeven Software keep this feature request and feedback in mind for our future updates and design decisions. 

Please bring back the ability to collapse groups. I have just upgraded to 5 and was disappointed when I realized that ability was gone. I know it may seem like a small detail, but it was very useful. As others have stated, a smaller font would be nice too. Unfortunately, I will be returning to version 4 and keeping a watchful eye on future updates of version 5. Your software has been an invaluable tool for helping manage many things for me and I thank you for that.

+1 for the ability to "Collapse All" / "Expand All" (Groups / Types).

 One of the suggestions in this thread is an Excel-like view on a Windows or Mac computer, much like V4 had. I very much like that idea.  And I agree wholeheartedly about all the wasted space on the Android versions. That's a big reason I haven't switched to V5.

I agree with all the above. I don't know why those in the interface design world started this trend of having more white space instead of having more data displayed on the page. I think it has made mSecure less usable.  In the same vein, in the previous version, the Type was displayed horizontally along with the Description which helped to navigate. Now, you lose dimension entirely.  We have close to 400 entries and I find the new version difficult to effectively use. I have had to rename a lot of our Descriptions to include Type but then the font is too big to see it all.  Perhaps, you needed testers who were heavy users of the version to help with the re-design.  We shouldn't have had to lose so much functionality with this redesign.  Thanks for listening.

Hi Nacy (and other customers),

Thank you for your feedback! While we don't have plans to go back to a more table-like view that was used in the older desktop versions, we do have changes that will be coming to the UI in mSecure 6, and there will be more changes as we continue development, of course. One of the main things we are adding back to the app is the ability to change the template being used for records, so that will address the one issue you mentioned where you loose context. I'm not sure if we will offer a more compact view in the future, but it is something on our radar.

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