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Sync and Backup/Restore no longer available after mSecure6 Trial Expired


I just received a nasty surprise. 

Because of the problems I had with sync after the upgrade to mSecure6 (, I chose not to purchase a subscription until I was really sure that sync problems were no longer an issue. I did this with the understanding that all of the features that were present in mSecure5 would still be available if I chose not to purchase a subscription. My mSecure6 trial version expired yesterday (4/17/22).

When I logged into mSecure, on my Windows PC, I noticed that sync is not enabled. I checked my iPhone and Android tablet. In all cases sync was disabled. When I attempt to enable "Sync to Dropbox," the setting immediately reverts to "Don't sync." When I tried to enable it through mSecure6 on my iPhone, I get the following notification: "Syncing is one of many features available with an mSecure license. Would you like to learn more?" I have an mSecure5 licence. What happened to it? Since I rely on sync to keep the data on my Windows PC, iPhone, and Android in sync this is a major problem.


I discovered this whole thing because I was trying to make a manual backup of my mSecure data, something I have done for years as part of my overall security practice and which is even more important given the ongoing problems with sync. I consider the ability to manually create a backup and perform a restore from that backup essential functionality, especially in the face of bugs like the sync problem that potentially result data loss. Today I went to create one of my periodic backups of my mSecure data only to discover that this functionality is no longer in my non-trial version of mSecure6; an upgrade to the subscription is required to use the backup/restore functionality. 

I have a license for mSecure5. It appears that since I did not choose to upgrade to a subscription, I'm now using an unlicensed version of mSecure with most of the features that were present in mSecure5 no longer available. Both sync and backup/restore were present in mSecure5. This flies in the face of the promise from mSecure that there would be no feature loss if I chose not to upgrade to a subscription. 

What gives?

Hi Lynne,

I just saw your email in our support system, so I'll respond to it instead of here. The short story is there is no v5 Pro license on your account, which is the reason why the syncing is now disabled. We'll have to figure that out via email support.

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