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Restore old 'groups' functionality

It would have been nice if M5 users were informed about the 'group' functionalty being abandoned in M6. Having the M5 group names converted to Tags does restore the group functionality to a degree, but is not as nicely integrated as before.

If I had been made aware of the M5 to M6 conversion bug as a result of which I lost all my groups, I wouldn't have had to jump through a few hoops to restore them.  On top of that, in M6, 'groups' now basically refers to record types which is confusing.

The group functionality could be restored more fully if you were to allow users to add custom Quick Filters based on Tags.


Hi Jay,

Have you taken a look at our tags article yet? If not, please check it out here: Tags

There are these major differences between Tags and Groups:

  1. You can add multiple tags to a record, where a record used to only be able to belong to one group
  2. There is no UI for editing your tags. This simply means that once you add the tag to a record, it gets set in the system, and once the tag is removed from all record, it is removed from the system. It also means you can't change the name of a tag like how you could with groups, but it can still be done.
  3. You can't sort by tags yet, but we're working on that now and it should be in the app soon

We're not restoring the Groups functionality, because aside from the sorting feature, which we're working on now, and aside from a UI to change the name for the tags, the feature is the same feature. The one thing that has caused the most confusion is if you have run into the bug where the tags don't get converted during the upgrade. That was a very unfortunate bug, but all we can do is try to help get the groups retrieved.

Groups does not refer to record types. Record types are not called Templates, and that is not related to Groups or Tags in any way. Templates are the pre-formatted groups of fields that you can build certain records from, but you do not want to try using those for group filtering. I hope you will trust me when I say that Tags does that job, and actually does it much better than Groups, because there is so much more flexibility when you can add multiple tags to one record.

Do you wan to try restoring your data from a backup to see if we can retrieve your groups? It's not difficult to do, and it may take care of just about everything you need. After the tags are on the records, you will be able to create a new record, click into the tags field, and you'll start seeing a list of the tags that already exist in your database, which should be helpful. The only thing you'll be missing for awhile is the ability to sort your data by tags.

Bonjour Mike,

Utilisateur français de MSecure depuis de nombreuses années sur iOS, je rejoins Geai dans sa réclamation car si j'ai bien compris votre offre de continuité avec les usagers de MSecure 5 Pro, la fonction de tags (Ou balises en français) est sans doute très bien et apporte un progrès mais n'est pas incluse dans votre offre Essentials" censé protéger notre investissement (Récent en ce qui me concerne). Cela m'ennuie beaucoup car la fonction de groupe m'était indispensable pour gérer ma base de mots de passes. Donc quand vous affirmez que les utilisateurs payants de la V5 n'auront pas de perte de fonctionnalités, c'est faux et en ce qui me concerne très ennuyeux. J'ai l'impression de m'être fait voler en payant pour la V5 pour mes 3 appareils iphone ipad et mac et me retrouver dramatiquement restreint dans mon usage en perdant les groupes que j'utilise à chaque fois que j'ouvrais MSecure. De plus je tiens à rappeler que j'ai perdu énormément de temps lors du passage de la V4 à la V5 pour migrer mes données à cause de votre gestion des types en V5 trop rigide (et une fonctionnalité d'import / export juste nulle ...) ; j'ai fait l'effort, persévéré, pour me retrouver de nouveau bloqué au passage de la version d'après ... ca devient très pénible et je pense sérieusement à me tourner vers une autre solution logicielle (avec la très désagréable impression d'avoir jeté mon argent par les fenêtres, ce n'est pas comme cela que vous allez me donner envie de m'abonner premium ...)

Que nous proposez-vous  pour que l'on ne perde réellement aucune fonctionnalité V5 comme vous l'affirmez ? Remettre les groupes ? Intégrer les balises (même dans une version allégée, limitée à une ou deux balises par enregistrement par exemple, mais en ayant la possibilité de filtrer facilement par ces balises dans la fenêtre principale) dans la version essentials ?

Merci pour votre réponse


Hi Mike,  thanks for your elaborate reply. I do understand the changes that have been made; I simply liked the old groups concept, it worked for me.  The term 'groups'  has been repurposed to mean a displayed group of records of the same type as per the attached image.  That had me confused as it has nothing the do with the old groups.  Anyway, water under the bridge, I'll still remain a loyal user.

Obviously it needs pointing out that the "flexibility when you can add multiple tags to one record" is not available in the essential version.

Thanks again


Bonjour Fredy,

Merci de nous avoir contactés. J'utilise le traducteur DeepL, donc je suis désolé si ce message est difficile à comprendre.

Bien que les étiquettes multiples soient une fonctionnalité Premium dans mSecure, en tant qu'utilisateur Essentials, vous aurez la possibilité d'ajouter une étiquette sur chacun de vos enregistrements. Avec cette fonctionnalité, les étiquettes fonctionneront de manière presque identique aux groupes de l'ancienne application mSecure. La seule chose qui manque actuellement est la possibilité de trier par tags, qui a été supprimée parce que vous pouvez maintenant ajouter plusieurs tags sur chaque enregistrement, et il n'y avait aucun moyen de savoir quel tag devrait être la clé pour l'ordre de tri. Cependant, nous pensons avoir trouvé une solution à ce problème, et le tri par étiquettes sera bientôt disponible dans l'application.

Cela répond-il entièrement à vos préoccupations ?


Hi Fredy,

Thank you for contacting us. I'm using DeepL translator, so I'm sorry if this message is difficult to understand.

While multiple tags is a Premium feature in mSecure, as an Essentials user, you will have the ability to add one tag on each of your records. With this functionality, tags will work almost identically to groups in the old mSecure app. The only thing missing right now is the ability to sort by tags, which was removed because you can now add multiple tag on each record, and there was no way to know which tag should be the key for the sort order. However, we believe we have a solution for this, so sorting by tags will be in the app soon.

Does this fully address your concerns?

@Jay Thank you for the clarification and for your support! I never thought that "Show groups" option would cause confusion, but I totally understand now. We had that same option in the mSecure 5, but it was never associated with our mSecure Groups feature, oddly enough. It'a actually a built-in Windows feature, which is named "Show groups" in all their documentation, so we left it with that name. It would probably be best if we changed the name of that option in the future.

 This is not a "very unfortunate bug", this is unacceptable! The problem is not the bug itself but it is the fact that you upgraded your customers without their agreement! Additionally there is no way back to the old version. Because of this we have no access any more to our passwords! We organised all of our customers in groups and have no way to find the the records of a specific customer without the group feature. The migration to "Tags" did not work. This is a disaster for us....

Hi Mike i will try to answer you in english so you will not have to translate ! But please be nice with my poor english ! Thanks a lot for your explanations it really restore confidence for me to msecure just one tag is enough for me ! Have a nice day ! Frédy

No problem at all @Fredy, and thank you for responding! I would bet your English is better than the translation I sent to you, I will be very kind =)  If you have any other need for assistance please let me know.

@Consales I'm not sure if you have seen in other posts, but there is no way to retrieve the tags that were lost unless you have a backup from before the update, which you probably do, or if you have another device still running mSecure 5. The fix is very simple if you want me to help you. You can check out this help article here first to see if fixes the issue: Groups not converted to Tags after upgrade on Windows

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