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Version of mSecure for Window 10

I wish to install Version of mSecure on my Window 10 PC and sync it with my phone, which has the same version on it. 

Prior to a recent rebuild of my PC I had this working on my PC. Please advise how I can get a download of the app for my PC

It looks like you are trying to run mSecure 5 with mSecure 4 on your phone, which won't work. What you need to do instead is download mSecure 3.5.7 for Windows from this link: Install mSecure 3.5.7 for Windows

That is the version you need that is compatible with mSecure 4 on Android. The one thing to be aware of is that you do need a separate license to run the older version of mSecure. That can still be purchased from inside the old app, but if you need to purchase a license, I would highly recommend upgrading to mSecure 5 instead.

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