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4 to 5 not loading my data in either.

I believed my info was being saved in the app. But it’s not showing up.

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I'm not sure what you mean here, but if you are wanting to transfer information from mSecure 4 to mSecure 5, I can help. Do you have access to your information now in mSecure 4? If not, do have any mSecure backup files by chance?

My data isn’t coming up. It should bc I had the app saving my Data. Can I help transfer my data from 4 to 5? I don’t have it backed I’m up anywhere else. Can u figure out where my data is and bring it over to 5?

As long as you are able to open and unlock mSecure 4 on one of your devices, and you see all your data in that app, we should have no problem transferring it over to mSecure 5. In order to do this, you can follow the steps in this support article: Transfer information from mSecure 4 to mSecure 5 on your mobile device

If you ran into some type of problem when following the instructions, please describe where the process failed, and I'll do everything I can to help.

Just purchased new phone. Had to delete the old MSecure app from new phone because Apple was reading an old address. 

How do I transfer data from old phone to new? Happy to pay for new, updated version.

Had to delete the MSecure4 app from my new iPhone because Apple was reading an old email from years ago.

I downloaded the updated version of MSecure. How do I transfer data from old phone to new?

Thank you for contacting us, and this should be no problem at all. As long as you can open and unlock the old mSecure app on your old phone, you can simply make a backup of your data and then restore from that backup in mSecure 5. You can find the instructions for this process in this support article.

Should you have any problems with the migration, please let me know, and I'll help in any way I can.

I am unable to open my old mSecure4 app because it says the developer has not updated it to the latest iOS version. So I’m unable to access the data on the old app.

@Tim Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry to hear about the issue you're experiencing after the recent iOS update. Unfortunately, mSecure 4 is no longer supported, so there won't be any updates to that version of the app. The problem is, at some point in time, older, unsupported apps always run into issues like this, which is why developers have to provide an option so that it doesn't happen. mSecure 5 is that option, as it is the update to mSecure 4 that keeps what's happening in iOS 14.5 and 14.6 from taking place.

In the older version of the app, we implemented an advertisement for mSecure 5, and that was to let our users know that the app was available and that they could upgrade at any time. Along with that advertisement, we provided an option to close it and not show it again in the future. We are finding that a lot of customers have used that option, so they aren't seeing the ad any longer. The problem is, we have no way of contacting our older customers, because the older app doesn't have an account system. Without an account system, we don't have their email addresses. If we did have their emails, we would be communicating with them to provide some explanation on what is currently happening after the recent updates to iOS, to tell them what we're doing to help, and to let them know about the backup in support which is leading to long wait times in receiving responses from our support team.

However, the issue brought about by recent iOS updates are a different story altogether. On all our company test devices, we have still not encountered the issue you and other customers are experiencing, which, though there are a lot of people who have experienced the problem, is actually a very small percentage of our overall customer base. Even had we been able to contact our users via email, we wouldn't have done so before the iOS 14.5 update, because we never knew it would cause this problem. And Apple doesn't send developers notifications that this type of behavior will occur, so there was no way for us to know ahead of time.

Moving forward, we still aren't able to tell for sure the next iOS update will cause the upgrade message to appear. Our developer has even tested on the first beta release of iOS 15, and the old mSecure app runs without any problems. In short, at this time, we do not know what is causing the issue for the old, unsupported mSecure app, but we have provided a solution.

The good news is, if you still know your password to mSecure 4, you haven't lost your data. All you would need to do is install mSecure 5, create a new account or reset an existing account, and then migrate your data in from the old app. You can find out more about this process here:

Mike-Thanks so much. I followed the instructions and was able to import the data from my old mSecure4 app into my new mSecure5 app. Very relieved.

No problem at all Tim, and it's very good to hear you were able to get your data transferred into mSecure 5!

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