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restore using mBackup

Trying to restore using mBackup and checking the following message: 
Please check that the desktop software is running and the IP address is valid. 

How can I fix this problem, how do I find the IP address?


HI Gibbo,

Thank you for contacting us and I'm sorry about the issue you are experiencing. Please don't use mBackup unless you really can't you use anything else. If using mSecure 4 for iOS, please use our Email backup feature:

Please note that mBackup is a free backup utility that we created a long time ago. We have not updated that free backup utility in years. It should still work. However, we've created easier ways to backup information since then. If you need to use mBackup, here is a guide that you can use to learn how to use it:

Note: mSecure 5 is not compatible with mBackup. mBackup has not been updated in over 5 years.

Thanks Eden. Unfortunately, I now need to recover the mbackup file on my pc and phone. Can you tell me how best to search for the backed up file, what is the file extension I should search for and is there a specific folder that the file is usually stored in? Really appreciate any help you can give, I really need to recover my files. 


mBackup creates an mBackup.db file in your Documents folder. This file is used by mBackup to securely store any backups you've created via mBackup. The file cannot be opened directly. You simply have to have the file in its default location and then open mBackup to try to open the file and access any backups you had created.

Note that we have an automated reminder in the older iOS app for making backups, so it is possible that you made an email backup some time in the past. Please search in your email accounts to see if you can find an email with "mSecure", "mism" or "mscx" in them. If you find an email backup you can use this guide to restore from an email backup file: or in mSecure 5:

Thanks again Eden, I was able to find the backup file, but now I cannot download mSecure 4 anymore from Play Store; is there a way to do that, or can I restore the mBackup data to mSecure 5 (I do have a mSecure 5 acct that I bought but haven't been using)?


As I've mentioned several times, mBackup is an extremely old free backup utility and not compatible with mSecure 5. You can learn how to download mSecure 4 here:

Eden, appreciate your help. I was able to download mSecure 4. I know mBackup is is very old, and not updated anymore, but any help you can give would really be appreciated. 
I can see my backups on my desktop (see attached), but every time I try to restore the data I keep getting the message below. Is there any help that you can give on how to make this work and gain access to my passwords?

"Please check that the desktop software is running and the IP address is valid"


How are you trying to restore from the backup file? Did you look at the mBackup guide link I provided? 

To restore from a backup stored in mBackup:

  1. Open and unlock mBackup on your computer
  2. Open and unlock mSecure 4 on your mobile device (sounds like you are using an Android device so I'll provide Android instructions)
  3. Tap the menu icon
  4. Tap Settings
  5. Tap Restore
  6. Tap mBackup
    1. Tap on the mBackup option listed here.
      1. If you have iTunes or Apple's Bonjour Printer Services enabled on your computer, you should get an "mBackup running on COMPUTER NAME" listed automatically
      2. If you do not have iTunes or Bonjour on your computer, you'll have to set up mBackup manually:
        1. Open the mBackup preferences on your computer (Edit > Preferences)
        2. Your computer IP Address and port number will be listed here as IPADDRESS:PORTNUMBER
        3. Tap the + button in mSecure 4 to set up a manual connection
        4. Name your connection whatever you'd like
        5. Set the IP address and port number here to be what is displayed for you in mBackup on step 2 above
        6. Save
        7. Exit/close the mBackup preferences
    2. Your device will connect with mBackup on your computer
  7. Tap on the backup file you'd like to restore your information from 
  8. Tap "Yes" to confirm that you'd like to restore from the backup file

Thank you Eden for all your help!! 
I was able to restore my passwords; I had to turn off my firewall protection to get it done. 
Appreciate your help, have a good day. 

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