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mSecure Windows Font size too big

I have just migrated from Passwords Plus to mSecure 6.  The font size for the titles/entries is very large compared to the font size for the actual data such as Username, etc.  I would like to decrease the title/entry font to something more resembling the data font such as Username.  

I do not see a way to do this but I am new to the application.  Is there a way to do adjust the font size?

Hi Max,

Thank you for contacting us. Unfortunately, there is no way to decrease just the Title font size without also decreasing the size of the rest of the font throughout the app. The only way to adjust the font size throughout the app is in the Windows Settings, but that will adjust font sizes for all applications.

Mike @ mSecure -- I agree with Max.  With Passwords Plus the font size is what we typically see in other in the Password Area.  With mSecure6 Tiles Font we need twice the screen height to see the same number of Titles.  I know you want to make it look pretty but we just want it to be useful and not take up our whole screen.  Also, I can't  make the window too narrow or the password area disappears, only reappearing when you streach the window back, but then the Menu Area reappears which is totally uncescssary.

@Richard Thank you for the feedback on the font size. I'm not sure if that will be changed in the future, but it is noted.

With regards to the window issue you described, I'm not sure I understand what you mean. When you make the window a certain width, the 3rd column disappears, and that's intended functionality. After that happens, you have two columns: the menu on the left and the main view with the records list. If you click on a record in that mode, the details slide into the second column, which is also intended. The only thing I can see that isn't intended is something with the menu, but I'm not sure I'm understanding so I need more information. Are you saying you have the left column shrunken down to it's narrow size and then when you increase the width of the window, the menu is expanded?

I am not happy with this App.  Why?   Passwords Plus did more than save passwords,   It provided access to websites (some not requiring a password) at a click.  It was discrete and sized properly.  That Passwords Plus format/size is what everyone wants.  We did not have to adjust other settings to get it.  It came with the package.   Also... when I leave my computer, I lock it.  I do not have the time to enter a password the 50 times or more when I access Passwords Plus and I did not have to.  

Please make your application more like Passwords Plus and you will retain people that are trying your App out.  Hint,  hint..... 

Hi Max,

Unfortunately, I don't know understand what you're saying, because I'm not a Passwords Plus user, and I can't use the app now, because it's no longer available to download. If you could provide some constructive feedback and list out features you would like instead of writing out sarcastic comments that don't help describe the problems you are experiencing, I could either point in the direction needed to get the problems solved, or I could confirm this or that feature is or isn't available. The app will never be like Passwords Plus, because mSecure isn't Passwords Plus. However, if we know the features you want, you may find they are already in the app or that they're already on the roadmap for future releases. Also if you don't like the app and don't want to use it, that's fine too.

For the one feature you actually referenced, I don't know if I understand what you're saying, but mSecure has an auto-lock feature. If you don't want to enter your password to unlock mSecure when you open your computer, simply turn off the auto-lock feature in the app's Security Settings.

Hi Mike @mSecure -- Let me try and explain.  I think you have a general idea of what I’m saying.  I often leave my password manager on screen while I’m working and need to be efficient about screen real estate.  I’ll Ignore my question about large Fonts in the TITLE area for now.

For lack of knowing your specific jargon, I see the window a (3) columns: MENU, TITLES, and DETAILS.

With PW+, we could park the widow and scroll through the TITLES until we found what we wanted to get the DETAILS.  The MENU would not take screen because it was a  dropdown list.  We could get where we wanted very quickly without a lot of screen size changes.

With mSecure6, you can shrink the MENU (into icons), but if you narrow the window too much to save space, the TITLES disappear.  Yes, you can get them back by making the window wider, but at the same time the Full Size MENU reappears.  Usually, the narrow MENU Icon View are sufficient.  If the MENU Icon View could stay toggled on, and the TITLES & DETAILS  would remain no matter what the width, it would save screen space.

I can send screen shots if you like. Just send me an email or link to send them to at my login email.

Been using mSecure only a short time and it seems to work well so far.


You are dead on...   I need to give you specifics.  I will do so but it may be tomorrow.   The specifics will pertain to both the computer image and the iPhone image.

And thank you for such a prompt reply.

@Richard It would be really helpful to get a screenshot from you, because I just to make the titles for records disappear in the way I think you are describing, but I wasn't able to do so. I created a really long title, then narrowed the window down as small as it would go. While I couldn't see all of the titles, they didn't disappear. I'll take a look at your screenshot and see if I can understand the issue better. You can go ahead and send it to "" After you send it, reply here to let me know, and I'll get back to as soon as possible.

@Max Thank you very much, and I'll look forward to reading your feedback.

Hi Mike @mSecure.  Just emailed you Screen Shots at:   If this doesn't give you enough information I could probably send a video.

Hi Mike -- I just emailed you screen shots.

Hi Richard and Max.

Being a user myself, perhaps I could offer some suggestions on how to use mSecure effectively with minimal screen real estate.  If you look at the top row, next to the search box, there's a sort icon (up/down arrow) and a "see more" icon (3 dots).  I usually set the sort icon to sort by template.  Click on the "see more" icon and you can then enable "show groups" to show the group templates on an indented line.

The group templates will then appear in the mSecure Records window.  This group template is clickable and functions as a shortcut to scroll to the start of a particular group.  You can then scroll through to find the record you need.

Once you are done with the record, you can click on the "back arrow" at the very top of the window next to the username to get back to the list of records.  The "back arrow" only appears if you are looking at the detailed view of a record.

You can also sort by name in which case the records will be listed in alphabetical order, but sorting by date however is not really useful.

Another way to find a record is to key in the name or part of the name or content (phone number, password, etc) in the search box.  This should narrow down the list to just a few records that contains the relevant data.

As for Richard's comment that shrinking the window too much causes the menu icons view to appear and the titles to disappear, when this happens, the "back arrow" appears and you can click this arrow to get back to the list of records.  The names of the menu icons can be viewed by clicking on the menu icon (3 horizontal lines) next to the search box.

Hope you find the tips useful.

Hi JSeow @mSecure --

Your last paragraph is definitely a partial work around and I will use it.  Seems a bit awkward but we will see, it may become natural as I  work with it.  Otherwise, please pass the comments on to developers so eventually the program may become easier to use.

Thanks for your help.


May I also mail you a screenshot or two in addition to what Richard is sending you?

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