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I have just bought msecure5 and cant remember password. I still have all data on older free msecure, what can I do?


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I am having the same problem migrating my data from version 4 to version 5. I used my iPhone’s Face ID to access MSecure version 4, but to migrate the data it wants a password, not Face ID. I tried my iPhone password but that didn’t work. Please help. I have so many passwords in version 4 and the thought of losing them is so upsetting.

Hi Nancy,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for the issue you are experiencing after the most recent iOS update. We have been trying to figure out a way to help our customers through this issue, and our developer was able to get a utility version of the old app built, which enables you to retrieve the password you used in mSecure 4. Do keep in mind that it can only help if you were using Touch or Face ID to unlock the app. If not, there is no way to retrieve the password from the old app.

This version will not be available in the App Store, since it's only a utility version of mSecure 4, created for a single purpose. In order to download it, you will need to download the TestFlight app from the App Store if you don't already have it installed on your devices. 

Should you choose to download this utility update, I will need the Apple ID (email address) you use on your iOS devices. Once I have that, I can add you to the TestFlight list of users who will be given access to this version of the app. Once added, you will get an email invite to download the app from the TestFlight app. The new version will download over the top of mSecure 4.5.4, and it can only be used to reveal your password. Since v4.5.4 can no longer be opened, this shouldn't be a problem, but I do want to make sure you understand all that will happen when the new build is downloaded. In particular, the TestFlight version will have no functionality for viewing your data. It can only retrieve your password from iCloud Keychain on your device, and then display it to you.

Once you have the password, you can write it down and enter it when upgrading to mSecure 5.

Let me know if you have any questions about this process. If you're ready to proceed, download the TestFlight app, send me your Apple ID, and I'll add you to the TestFlight list.

Also, some customers don't want their email address printed out here in the forum. If you are opposed to that, let me know, and we'll have to finish this via email support instead.

Mike I am having the same problem.  Can you add me to the TestFlight version?  Apple ID is

@Shamone I just added your Apple ID to TestFlight. Go ahead and follow the last set of instructions for Nancy, and you should be good to go.

Hi Mike, can I please get added to the TestFlight so I can retrieve my password so I recover my backup data? My Apple ID is: Thank you so much!

@Robinsnest5 I added you to the TestFlight group, and you should be receiving an email invite shortly. If you are already signed in to an mSecure 5 account, you will need to delete mSecure 5, reset the account, reinstall mSecure 5 and sign back into the account in order to trigger the migration. If needed, you can find the account reset instructions near the end of this article: Account Reset

Can I get added to the test flight app. My appleid is thanks!

@Stacie Go ahead and email us at "" and add "Attention Mike" in the subject line. After you send the email, notify me here, and I'll respond as soon as I see the email.

Hi Mike, I am having issues accessing my data after the iOS update. I have just downloaded the new mSecure 5 app and cannot remember my password to import the data from mSecure 4. From memory I believe I used Touch ID to enter mSecure 4. Do you require my Apple ID so I can retrieve my password? Regards, Mark

@Markyiez I am going to require your Apple ID to help here, but it's best to do this via email support. Can you send an email to "" and add "Attention Mike" in the subject line. After you send the email, notify me here, and I'll respond as soon as I see the email.

Thanks Mike, I have sent an email as requested. Regards, Mark

Thank you Mark...I just responded to your email.

Thanks Mike, Do I reset the password and use the new password to import the data to mSecure 5?

I have responded to your email this morning. Let's keep the correspondence via email from here on out to make it easier for me to keep of the process.

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