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Family sharing or just sign into my account! $$

I just purchased the family sharing plan on my mSecure. And my wife downloaded the app on her phone and signed into an account. How can I share some of my login information for accounts to her? Please do not tell me I have to purchase mSecure for her or that she has to login to my account. That’s not really family sharing. It’s just other people signing into your own account. She should be able to put her information passwords on her mSecure, and she can share some with me and I share some with her otherwise like I said, it’s not family sharing.

@Kenneth It would be ridiculous to offer a Family plan that grants all family members access to Premium features and then not actually give all of the family members the features we promised. If we, or any company did that, we would not have a business for long.

What you need to do first is add your wife's account as a family member in mSecure's Settings if you haven't done that yet. This will make it so that your wife's account has access to Premium features as long as your Family subscription is active. To do that, follow the instructions here:

After you have added your wife's account, you'll need to follow the instructions here to set up Cross-Account Sharing:

Were you able to get your wife added as a family member and set up Cross-Account Sharing Kenneth?

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