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About password

I have used this app in android mobile before, but unfortunately i have forgot the login info, now I am using iphone instead of. so what can i do to reset my account to use in this new phone continuously, thx

Hi Zaiden,

Thank you for contacting us. I'll need a bit more information from you to make sure I know which version of mSecure you were using on Android, but if you were using mSecure 5, and you don't remember the password for your account, then you will need to reset the account before being able to use it again. Do you know which version of mSecure you were running on your Android device? Also, do you still have that device by chance?

I used mSecure 3 as remembered, but unfortunately I didn’t have my device on hand, as I only know I was registered by this google email account so far, so I don’t know what can I do next, thx Mike
I don’t mind lost all my data as I have backup on some other ways, just wanna reset my account to start using mSecure is good enough for me then, many thx

Hi Zaiden,

If it's not a problem that your data gets destroyed, this will be no problem at all. You can follow the steps below to reset your account.

1) Delete mSecure from your devices

2) Reset your mSecure 5 account using the steps in this support article:

3) Install mSecure from the App Store app 

4) Open the app and move through the screens until you are asked to Sign In or Sign Up for an account

5) Tap the option to Sign In using your account's email and new password you just set

6) Choose which sync feature you would like to use, then continue through the setup steps

Did that fix the problem Zaiden?

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