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Family Subscription Renewed but Now Showing Subscription Expired


My Family Subscription auto renewed on April 23, 2024 but my Family account now shows expired. (I was sent a receipt from   Based on reading other posts, I believe this is because I had changed my username for security purposes to my other email address.  I do not want to pay twice .    What can I do to correct this problem?  

Thank You.

Just an FYI......this is definitely an account username/email change problem.    I just tried going to and logging in with my email address that the Family Subscription renewal receipt was sent to and it is showing as invalid.  When I login using my current user/email address it shows my subscription and cancelled.      I could go ahead and pay again for a family subscription under my new updated email address but I would want fully reimbursed for the charge that has already been placed on my credit card on April 23, 2024.  Please let me know how this problem can best be corrected as I want to gain full access to my mSecure password app asap.


P.S.  I am not attaching my rental receipt because of public security concerns.  I also do not want to show publicly my updated / changed email address for the same reasons.  

Just another FYI.....

I wanted to expedite my issue ASAP so I went ahead and paid for another Family subscription under my new username/email address.  Again....that email is not being disclosed here publicly but I do want to receive a full credit for my previous user/email under .   I changed from that username/email due to the fact that it was widely circulated on the Dark Web.  

If you need a copy of my April 23, 2024 renewal receipt under the email, please let me know and I can send it to you privately.

Hi Jeffrey,

Thank you for contacting us, and I'm sorry for the issue you're experiencing here. There is an issue right now that when you update your username it can cause an issue with future billing. It's an issue we're currently working to get fixed, but the fix is taking longer than we had hoped.

For now, I can help you get this resolved very quickly, but I'll need to get the two different email address from you. Let's move this over to email support, so you can freely send me the personal information. After I have that, I can simply make sure the subscription is updated correctly and any refunds can be processed as needed.

Please send an email to "" then message me here to let me know the email was sent. I'll respond as soon as I see the email.

Hello Mike!  Thank you for your assistance!  I did just send you both of my emails as requested along with the receipts of both my renewals.  Thank you for your assistance regarding this matter.


I just sent you an email moments ago. I believe everything is fixed now, but if you have any other questions please let me know via email.

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