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this morning I subscribed to premium via link received via e-mail (thinking that I was subscribing for the Family PLAN). 

1) I would like to know how to switch to the Family Plan paying the differnence? 

2) at the moment all o f may PWD's are saved locally on a PC. If I adhere to the Family Plan can that remain as is? 

3) same for one of my daughters whos using mSecure for her passwords


Hi Stefano,

Thank you for contacting us. I can upgrade your subscription to a Family plan. I just checked our system it tells me that when I process the change, you will be billed €34.42 now and €69.02 every 1 year after. Would you like me to process the upgrade for you?

For your other questions, when you have a Family plan, you get access to 5 Premium licenses that can be applied to 5 different accounts. Whether you plan to use Cross-Account sharing or not is optional, so the data in each of your accounts will not be mingled unless you choose to share data. And if you do choose to use the Cross-Account Sharing feature, both you and your daughter can keep private information in each account and then share only the records you want to.

Does that all make sense Stefano?

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