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Unable to type password into sign-in screen.

About half the time when I attempt to sign into mSecure 6, on my PC, I can't type my password on the sign in screen.  I actually can't type anything into the password block on the sign in screen.  I try closing the app and re-opening but no help.  The other half of the time it works normally.

I'm using Windows 11 and mSecure6.

Thanks for any help.


Hi Gary,

Thank you for contacting us. I'm not sure what's happening here. I have not heard of or experienced the behavior you're describing, so this isn't a known issue in the app. Real quick, it looks like you might be running mSecure on an iOS device as well. Do you have mSecure installed on an iOS device, and if so, are you able to open the app on that device to view your information?

We're going to do some troubleshooting, but I need to know your data is safe on a different device before we do anything else.


Sorry for late reply...been away from my computer for a few days.  

To answer your question, YES, I do have mSecure on two iOS devices and they are synced together through the mSecure Cloud.  On both of the iOS devices I can open the app and use it normally.

Now, some new information.

   1.  I found a workaround.  If I type the password into WORD, and then just do a copy & paste it works and I can get into my data.

   2.  Now have found that once I get in, I CAN NOT type anything anywhere.  Nothing in the "Search" bar nor can I make a new entry or modify an existing entry.  Again, I can type what I want in Word and copy/paste to mSecure.

Hope this helps.


Hi Garry,

It's great to hear you were able to get into the app on your PC. From the added information you provided, it's obvious something is wrong here, so I'm going to have you simply try reinstalling mSecure first. Since you have all your information in mSecure on your iOS devices, this won't be a problem.

One thing to mention, you won't be able to use iCloud Syncing in mSecure once we get everything working on your PC. Microsoft and/or Apple don't allow for 3rd party apps to sync data via iCloud Drive between iOS and Windows devices, so you'll need to choose a different sync feature. I would recommend using mSecure Cloud syncing, but you have three choices for syncing in this context: mSecure Cloud, Dropbox and Wi-Fi.

To reinstall mSecure, find the app in your list of applications installed on your computer after clicking the "Start" button in the task bar at the bottom of your screen. Right-Click on the mSecure app icon, then choose the option to uninstall. After it's uninstalled, open the "Store" app, search for mSecure, then install it again.

Were you able to sign in without copying the password from MS Word? If not, please don't use that work-around and let me know. If the password isn't being accepted, it's likely due to some sort of special character or emoji we're not aware of, and I'll need to ask you more about the construction of your password.

Hi Mike,

Okay...I did a delete & install and on the first try it worked thanks for your help.

Just to let you know my Syncing is done through the mSecure no problems there.

I'll let you know if it doesn't work on future startups...but, otherwise I think (hope) we can consider this resolved.


That's great news Garry! Let me know should you need further assistance.

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