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migrated data disappeared

Hello ,I am old user of yours. I just replaced your msecuer6 from secure4.5.  The day before yes today, I migrate to mSecure 6 from 4.5 .  But on the second day, the data disappeared from my msecure6. What should I do ?

I have two iPads with your msecure4.5 , But some of the data are the same and some are different.  Can I merge the two sets data on my msecure6?

Hi Qun,

You can merge the data when you restore from V4 data on both your iPad. You will first need to install mSecure 6 on both devices and sign in to your account. After you do that, you can tap the menu button in the top left corner (3 stacked lines), tap Settings in the menu, then tap "Restore from mSecure 4." In the "Restore" dialog that slides up, you'll see the option to "Restore" or "Merge." Tap the "Merge" option after entering your password, and you will be able to merge the data in from mSecure 4 on both your iPads.

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