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transfer to new android

Recently activated  a new android (Samsung s24).  Downloaded the app. Setup mSecure5 folder on the new phone, saved most recent backup file from old phone onto new phone.  Software is not accessing the backup file.  How do i make that happen?  Thank you. 

Hi J.A.,

When you say the software is not accessing the backup file, what do you mean? If you set the backup folder to either a folder named "mSecure" or "mSecure5" located on the device's internal memory, now mSecure will be able to create auto-backups to that folder. If you were to try to restore from one of those backups, then you would have to navigate to the folder, choose the backup and restore from it.

What exactly are you doing to see that mSecure doesn't have access to a folder on your device?

The folders are setup properly.  I would like to restore a backup  file that was from my previous phone on my new current phone.  The file is already saved in the backup folder on my new phone.   Does restoring a backup file from my old that is saved on my new phone  require a newly paid for license or subscription?  I paid once in the past but do not pay annually because i do not like to place things on the cloud .   Thank you.

In order to restore from a backup, you do need to have a subscription. That is a paid feature.

Regarding your comment on subscriptions, you don't have to place your data in any cloud service when you have an mSecure subscription. All a subscription does is open up various features in the app, like syncing, backup/restore, tags, attachments, etc. While all methods of syncing become available with a subscription, you're not required to use that feature.

Does that make sense?

Thank you for responding.  I understand what you wrote.  Have a great weekend.

No problem at all J.A.! Take care, and please let me know should you need further assistance.

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